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new talents at the Directors' Fortnight

Of the 24 feature films selected, 16 are the result of directors "It's the first time in Cannes"Tuesday, Italy's Paolo Moretti, the new General Delegate of the Fortnight, succeeded Edouard Waintrop.

Alongside Filipino director Lav Diaz, darling of the festivals, the French Rebecca Zlotowski and Bertrand Bonello, the Directors' Fortnight will highlight at this year's Cannes Film Festival filmmakers taking their first step on the Croisette.

"The DNA of Quinzaine is to go to visionary flashes, unexpected visions and trust the directors who dare to go to unexplored fields"Paolo Moretti told AFP. His role is "To bring something extra to enrich the overall proposal of the Cannes Film Festival".

Cannes 2019, the list of selected films

Among the films in the running:

The deer, from Quentin Dupieux, or " Georges, 44, and his jacket, 100% suede, have a project ".

And Yves, of Benoit Forgeard, sure "The strange relationship of a rapper with his smart fridge", are two French films that will have the honors of the opening and closing of the Fortnight.

The Halt, the new opus of Lav Diaz.

The lighthouse, highly anticipated film of Robert Eggers, director of " The Witch", Staged a" hypnotic and hallucinatory story Of two lighthouse keepers, on a distant and mysterious island of New England in the late nineteenth century. A horror movie with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

An easy girl, the new film of Rebecca Zlotowski with former escort Zahia Dehar on the bill. It will be about a girl who follows her cousin to a very free lifestyle, the time of a summer.

Alice and the mayor, second feature film of French Nicolas Pariser, on political life in a big city, with Fabrice Luchini and Anaïs Demoustier,

Zombie Child, of Bertrand Bonello, between Paris and Haiti, where " a man is brought back from the dead to be forced into the hell of sugar cane plantations ".

Partridge, of Erwan Le Duc, with Swann Arlaud, Cesar for best actor for "Small farmer".

The particles, from Blaise Harrison, or " a band of young people discover an unsuspected universe thanks to a particle accelerator".

We will all fart, a documentary Lech Kowalski on a struggle movement of employees.

Dog do not wear pants, of J-P Valkeapää, will be at the radius of curiosities, a Scandinavian film that talks about "rebirth through extreme sadomasochistic practices".

Oleg, of Juris Kursietis, will have for theme "The descent into hell of a posted worker"said the delegate general at a press conference on Tuesday.

As part of the Quinzaine, the American director John Carpenter, master of the fantastic, will receive the Golden Coach, annual prize awarded by the French Society of Film Directors (SRF).

Since 2002, the filmmakers of the SRF have distinguished one of their peers at the opening of the Fortnight, which will also be marked by a masterclass of the American Robert Rodriguez and the presentation of a medium-length film by Luca Guadagnino, the director of "Call me by your name", with a hollywodian cast led by Julianne Moore.



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