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Of the Constitution, on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

 Biologists have found a discovery that can strongly contribute to cancer, without the need for conventional chemical treatments with adverse side effects. According to two studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, researchers found the way the "killer code" of cells Each cell in the body has a "killer code" or "killer code", through which the cell can destroy itself, but how it works remains a mystery. Once the cell senses that it is becoming cancer, It's like suicide, but the code can not sometimes fight The new studies contribute to the operation of the code without the introduction of chemicals to the body, but the practical application may take years, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British. The leader of research, Professor of Oncology at the University "Now that we know the code of murder, we can stimulate it without the need for chemotherapy and without harming the genes," Markus Peter said. "Now we can use these molecules directly, give them to the cells and make them destroy themselves. My goal is to dispense with toxic substances so I wanted to follow nature not chemotherapy. "Scientists estimate that the code" killer code "has been incorporated into the ribosome DNA of cells for more than 800 million years to protect them from disease. Finally, we thank you very much, We promise to provide you with everything new and important from all reliable news sources. We have transferred (a new technology to fight cancer without chemotherapy), and the source is responsible for the health of the news or not.
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