New temperature records were reached Saturday in France, including 27.2 degrees in Paris, where it had not been hot at this time of year since 1921, said a forecaster of Météo France. Several records were recorded on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday still exceeded the limits with 27.1 ° C in Nancy, 26.9 ° C in Orleans, 26.3 ° C in Calais, says Marion Pirat of Météo France.

9 to 10 degrees above normal. "After October 10, we never found such hot temperatures near Nevers, Bordeaux or Nancy", with respectively 29.4 ° C, 28.8 ° C and 26.5 ° C Friday, she said indicated. Temperatures are on average nine to ten degrees above seasonal norms, with the exception of areas around the Mediterranean where they are four to five degrees higher than normal, she said.

Drastic drop from Sunday. The arrival of the rain from the West should bring down temperatures "drastically" Sunday, but "the East will remain very hot for the season with temperatures between 25 and 26 degrees," she adds. was the warmest of the last 70 years on October 11, "with a nationwide average temperature of 18.8 ° C (…) well above the previous record of 17.8 ° C on October 11, 1995 ", according to the Météo France website.


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