Health New therapy method could strengthen the brain

New therapy method could strengthen the brain


Dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s have not yet been curable. But now researchers have developed a completely new form of therapy that should significantly improve brain performance.

Progressive memory loss, language disorders, personality changes or reduced mobility: An advanced Alzheimer’s disease usually brings with it typical symptoms. The causes have not yet been fully clarified.

However, one thing is certain: neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, but also Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis (MS) gradually kill nerve cells in the brain. Alzheimer’s has not yet been curable. The restrictions can only be delayed, for example by behavioral or music therapy or by drugs such as anti-dementia drugs or anti-depressants.

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna have now developed a new type of therapy. For the first time, the team of researchers at the University Clinic for Neurology was able to use ultrasound to activate those nerve cells that can boost brain function. As the study published in the journal “Advanced Science” shows, this can significantly improve brain performance.

Ultrasound against dementia

For the AlzheimerResearch could use the new method called transcranial pulse stimulation Ultrasonic (TPS) mean a milestone. “The TPS makes it possible for the first time worldwide to penetrate all areas of the brain with an ultrasound pulse directly on the cranial bone, non-invasively, painlessly and with full awareness, and to specifically target and activate brain areas there,” wrote study leader Roland Beisteiner. Those nerve cells that could still be activated would have shown significant improvements after the treatment.

In the pilot study with a total of 35 subjects, six one-hour treatments over the course of two weeks were sufficient for this effect. Not only memory performance increased in the treated patients. Some subjects also reported a significant improvement in mood. It was easier for them to become physically active again and to participate better in conversations.

Also for MS, Parkinson’s and other diseases

Before this method can be used regularly in the clinic, further scientific studies are necessary. If the results of the pilot study are confirmed, this form of therapy could, according to the study authors, also be used for other diseases such as Parkinson or multiple sclerosis are used.

Important NOTE: The information is by no means a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The content of cannot and must not be used to independently diagnose or start treatment.



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