New Tigres stadium would have retractable field for soccer and NFL

Written in SPORTS he 6/2/2023 · 09:58 hs

San nicolas de los heros.– If the project is completed, tigers could have one of the best stadiums in Latin America, which would have a retractable court similar to those used in United States and Europeas announced by the governor samuel garcia.

Through his social networks, the president of Nuevo León shared a video explaining the operation of the mechanism that will protect the lawn from New University Stadium.

He pointed out that the development of this part of the work is in charge of the company Ball game, who will work together with those responsible for the mechanism in the Santiago Bernabeufrom Real Madrid, which added the retractable pitch in its recent renovations.

“To be able to host all kinds of events and to be able to maintain the grass of the UANL Tigers and Women’s Tigers In perfect condition, the new University Stadium will have an advanced retractable field system.

“In a joint development between Juego de Pelota and those responsible for the new retractable court of the Real Madrid stadium”, can be heard in the narration of the video shared by the governor.

According to what was shared by Garcia Sepulvedathe pitch of hybrid natural grass of the new stadium will be divided into 17 mobile trays to be stored under the eastern stand, where there will be a greenhouse with irrigation, fertilization and lighting systems to maintain the natural grass under perfect conditions.

The stadium field space is left free with a concrete surface, where all kinds of sports and cultural shows can be installed, one of the objectives of the Government and the Tigres directive for their project.

Could the new Tigres stadium host an NFL game?

One of the ideas of Governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia, about the Tigres stadium, is that it has the capacity to host one or two matches of NFL per year, a condition that currently only meets in Mexico the Aztec stadium.

Illustrative photograph of an NFL ball at the Azteca Stadium. Photo: NFL Mexico

The requirements that the NFL asks for stadiums have prevented venues like the BBVA or the Akron can host league games, as they need at least 60 thousand seats and locker rooms big enough to accommodate teams.

“If a stadium were built later in the future, some other stadium like the one proposed for Tigres in Monterrey, we would gladly see and if possible, we would be interested in attending,” said Arturo Olivé, director of the NFL in Mexico in an interview in 2016.

It is projected that the new feline club stadium may have the capacity to receive 65 thousand fans and would at least have the opportunity to be considered as a possible venue.