New treatment for high blood pressure: two injections are enough

According to estimates, in France, one in three adults would be affected byhypertension arterial. It is one of the main cardiovascular risk factors. A large proportion of people with hypertension are unaware that their blood pressure is too high. However, many patients follow daily with treatment for hypertension. Recently, British researchers launched a clinical trial, which could revolutionize its medical management. Explanations.

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Treatment of high blood pressure

Faced with arterial hypertension, management is mainly based on two axes:

  • Lifestyle and dietary measures. They consist of a diversified and balanced diet, the fight against a sedentary lifestyle and the practice of regular and appropriate physical activity;
  • Antihypertensive drugs when lifestyle and dietary measures are insufficient to regulate blood pressure.

There are currently five major classes of antihypertensive drugs. Depending on the drugs, patients take them orally and/or by injection. In all cases, the treatments currently available are daily, often several times a day, to maintain blood pressure within normal values.

One injection every six months

For many patients, thehypertension blood pressure is chronic and antihypertensive treatment is lifelong. This represents a daily constraint for patients. In this context, British researchers have just started a clinical trial, intended to assess the efficacy and tolerance of a new antihypertensive drug, administered only once every six months.

The drug under test in this clinical trial is an injectable drug, already tested for its effect on excess cholesterol. It has the advantage of having a long duration of action. A total of 630 patients worldwide will be included in this clinical trial, which is expected to last three years. The main objective is to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of this treatment against mild to moderate arterial hypertension.

A revolution for millions of hypertensive subjects?

The drug in question is zilebesiran, it targets angiotensinogen. It is a liver protein, involved in the regulation of blood pressure. Administered subcutaneously, it inhibits the production of angiotensinogen, thus preventing the constriction of blood vessels (vasconstriction), a mechanism that contributes to the elevation of blood pressure.

If the results of the clinical trial confirm the interest of this new drug in the treatment ofhypertension blood pressure, patients and doctors would have a new effective therapeutic alternative. Indeed, it would present a precious advantage: that of an administration only twice a year. A first clinical trial had already produced promising results. An essential progress for the millions of patients, forced to swallow their antihypertensive treatment daily. Thus, this new drug could also make it possible to convince certain hypertensive patients, but recalcitrant in the face of the constraints of antihypertensive drugs.

Estelle B., Doctor of Pharmacy


– Scientists to trial world-first long-acting injection for high blood pressure. Consulté le 16 mai 2022.