New Trend, Chinese Parents Put Head Prints on Their Children for Perfection


Believing that round heads will look more beautiful, parents in China use social media, such as the Xiaohongshu forum, to discuss “magic” tools that can help “improve the shape of a baby’s head”.

Babies have soft bones, and their heads will change shape early in life. This new trend has parents trying to take advantage and make their child’s head rounder.

Reported SCMP, a mother wrote a money Xiaohongshu post titled “I took my baby to head shape correction, despite my family’s protests”. In the story, she details the procedures she underwent for her baby.

In September, she wrote that, because her baby likes to sleep on his back, his head appears “flat and outstretched”. The mother tried to make her baby sleep on her side, but it was ineffective.

When the baby was seven months old, the mother took him to a local clinic for a custom made “head correction kit”.

Clinic employees then wrap the baby’s head in a layer of tape to measure it and then make a mold to fit the baby’s head. The mold can be removed, but is designed to remain in the baby’s body for extended periods of the day to “guide” the growth of the head.

“I have a flat head, and I know how painful it is for a woman who pursues beauty. I don’t want my child to grow up and regret this part of her,” she wrote, when asked why she did that to her child.

The desire for a round head is a form of fashion change in China. Decades ago, people believed a flat head and large forehead was a sign of good luck.

Some parents even make their children sleep on books or wooden boards to flatten the back of their heads.

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