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New trends in marketing, are they distracting professionals?

by archyw

According to Tom Fishburne, marketers give in to the “shiny new” and forget that the real value lies in what the “shiny new” allows.

Marketing trends change at the speed of light. In the blink of an eye, new trends emerge that, although they become opportunities for professionals in the sector, in some cases can distract them from what is truly essential, the basic concepts that function as the foundations of this discipline. On this reflect Tom Fishburne in the last post of his blog Marketoonist, which he accompanies as always with his satirical vignettes.

During these lines, the expert talks about “Eat Your Greens”, a collection of essays that invites reflection of marketing thinkers, edited by Wiemer Snijder in 2018. The book includes a piece by Mark Ritson from which a fragment rescues.

«Most marketers they focus more on exciting news than on the worrying lack of clarity or discipline in our field. Marketers have always been the ‘discipline of magpies’ – we steal good things from other approaches and bring them into marketing as our own. But with so much going on these days, it’s perhaps not surprising that marketing has been filled to the brim with nonsense, “says Ritson.

Of course, he assures that it is not about «ignoring the new and favoring the old», but about un call to beware of neglecting the strategic principles of marketing.

According to Tom Fishburne, marketers sometimes they fall in love with the “new and shiny”, and they forget that the real value lies in what that “shiny new” allows.

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To support his reflection and that of Mark Ritson, the marketer and cartoonist collects a series of vignettes created over the last few years.

“Marketing predictions” – January 2019

«Shiny object syndrome» – Enero de 2015

"shiny object syndrome" Tom Fishburne

«Evidence-based marketing» – September 2018

"evidence-based marketing" Tom Fishburne

«Marketing seat at the table» – Mayo de 2015

"marketing seat at the table" Tom Fishburne

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