New type classes: Motor insurance up to 33 percent more expensive

17. September 2020, 09:34

The Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) today published the new type classes for around 30,000 car models. In extreme cases, the new classifications can lead to a 33 percent increase in motor vehicle insurance, as calculations by the comparison portal Verivox show.

Liability for the Tesla Model S is a third more expensive

There are 16 type classes in liability insurance (from 10 to 25). The Tesla Model S was upgraded by 4 levels to type class 23. This means that a Tesla driver has to pay 33 percent more for the liability part of his vehicle insurance, as the Verivox model calculation shows.

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 AWD Hybrid climbs by three type classes in the fully comprehensive, two in the partial comprehensive and one in the liability. This increases the contribution by 22 percent. In the model calculation, that makes 206 euros.

Save over 200 euros – Suzuki Jimny

Owners of a Suzuki Jimny 1.5 all-wheel drive and a VW Golf VI 2.0R TSI drive cheaper, who pay 29 and 19 percent less thanks to the new fully comprehensive type classes. In the model calculation, the car insurance premium for the Suzuki drops by 227 euros. Drivers of a BMW 640I Coupe Xdrive can look forward to a lower contribution to liability. You will pay around a quarter less in the coming year.

Different surcharges – compare contribution

The more damage is settled for a model, the higher the type class and the more expensive the insurance premium. Less damage reduces the contribution. “For existing contracts, the changes usually apply from January 1st. Drivers for whom the car premium will become more expensive in the coming year due to the reclassification have a special right of termination, ”says Wolfgang Schütz, Managing Director of Verivox Versicherungsvergleich GmbH. “The insurers’ surcharges for more expensive type classes are different. It is therefore worth comparing the contributions. “

Consumer atlas regional classes

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