New users must meet certain requirements


By: Samuel Moreno | 09-28-22

A few days to launch Overwatch 2, Blizzard revealed news regarding how they will receive new players who arrive; taking into account that the title will have a model free-to-play. According to the study, those who enter for the first time will initially see some blocked modalities such as competitive or in-game chat until certain requirements are met.

As part of a process called ‘First Time User Experience‘ (FTUE), Blizzard designed this form of introduction based on feedback from numerous players. It is so that the new ones will be able to enter the competitive mode after having won 50 quick matches.

On the other hand, newbies will need to play approximately 100 matches to unlock all of the original Overwatch heroes. Needless to say, this will only affect accounts created after the 4th of October -date on which the game is released-. Those who have played before, as well as owners of the Watchpoint Pack, will not go through the FTUE.

The initiative from Blizzard allows the study be aware of the accounts that will be arriving; especially those that only create a new user to troll or use hacks. According to the study, they will have a better chance of fighting them.

We’ll see how effective it will be when the game launches shortly. Blizzard has always had to deal with calls ‘smurf beads‘ within Overwatch. We refer to high level users creating alternative accounts to play at low ratings and thus win easily; which has resulted in spoiling numerous games for those trying to advance their rank.

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