New vehicles: a speed limiter soon mandatory – 20 hours journal

How about a radar in your car? A system that would follow you everywhere, whatever your route, on the highway or in town in the event of speeding. This will be the case from July. All new car models will be equipped with an intelligent speed adaptation system. Concretely, if you drive too fast on a limited road, you will hear a beep. If you don’t slow down, your accelerator pedal will gradually go, you resist and you force yourself to slow down. This super-limiter works thanks to cameras that read speed signs and a GPS that tracks the route taken. A device that should not lead to any increase in the price of vehicles. Thanks to him, the authorities hope to reduce the number of accidents by 30%, and even the number of deaths by 20%. The driver will remain in control of his vehicle. He can if he wishes to deactivate at each start. According to road safety, speed is now responsible for a third of accidents. TF1 | Report A.Basar, P. Lormant