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Updated 05/06/2023

The episode of drought experienced by the Oise department remains very worrying. The rainfall episodes in March and April helped, at best, to stabilize the level of the water tables in certain sectors. However, the resumption of vegetation and evaporation no longer allow the rains to infiltrate sufficiently to have an impact on groundwater recharge. In addition, no trend scenario emerges concerning weather forecasts and precipitation over the next three months, which has led to the classification of the department as a “very probable” drought risk for this summer 2023.

In this context, the prefect of the Oise met on Tuesday, May 16 the water resources monitoring committee, a consultation body on water management, in order to take stock of the current hydrological and meteorological situation. On the basis of the piezometric indicators of mid-May and their development trends between now and mid-June, the prefect has reinforced the restrictive measures in three sectors with the passage into crisis of the Aronde and the Matz and the passage on alert of the Nonette Thève.

For sectors newly in crisis, the restrictive measures are listed in the appendix. They consist in particular of:

  • the reduction of industrial withdrawals by 25% for classified installations withdrawing more than 10,000 m³ per year, with the exception of certain activities;
  • the ban on irrigation of agricultural crops, with the exception of market gardening and open-field vegetable crops under certain conditions;
  • the prohibition of the watering of sports and training grounds, with the exception of grounds hosting competitions with national or international stakes under conditions;
  • the ban on car washing, except for health imperatives in professional stations;
  • the prohibition of irrigation of golf courses, with the exception of greens under conditions.

In the sectors on heightened alert and on alert, industrial withdrawals must also decrease by 10% and 5% respectively.

The details of the measures imposed according to the level of drought and the municipalities concerned are listed in the decree of restrictions. The attached infographics summarize the main restrictions for each user.

It is essential that the measures in force are strictly applied by all users (individuals, communities and professionals). Verification of compliance with these restrictions will be carried out by the State services.

Finally, the prefect maintains close monitoring of the situation to anticipate any deterioration with the aim of securing priority uses, in particular the continuity of drinking water supply.

Find the departmental decree of June 3, 2023, the map of alert zones, infographics and associated information on:

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New water use restriction measures – News – Actions of the State

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