“New World” PvP new tactics “collective whistleblowing” let the main enemy be defeated by Ban to win the war | 4Gamers

“New World” developed by Amazon Games (Chinese translation:America(New World) Since the official launch of the service, a new wave of overseas MMORPG has formed. The main three-party PvP guild warfare in the game has also become a popular activity among players. It is just that a brand new strategy of winning wars has been reported overseas recently, which is ” Collective whistleblowing”.

Yes, in general PvP guild wars or national wars in general MMORPG, the victory or defeat is mostly determined by the number and level of both players. The strategy part is often difficult to influence the battle. However, according to overseas communities, it includes Reddit or “New World”. 》In the official discussion area, there are players reporting that their own faction has been blocked by the system (Ban) before the start of the war.


These blockades are not permanent, mostly just a 24-hour short-term punishment, but the incident began to spread to the live broadcasters and the game wiki community. The Fextralife website also confirmed that their accounts were blocked for violation of the norms before participating in the camp battle.

As a result, some players began to think that these system blockades were deliberate operations.

Since this is a collective report by players to the system, some players wrote to and contacted Amazon Games, hoping to lift the blockade, and even hope to counter this malicious report.

However, despite the collective reporting of this, players have received very different official responses.

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According to many reports from Ban’s overseas players, part of the answer is an official apology, because the reporting system receives a large number of reports on the same character in a short period of time, and it will directly punish it. This statement was also confirmed by the administrator in the official discussion forum.


However, according to the earliest “New World” official Twitter response, all reported messages are personally reviewed by humans to prevent people from misusing the reporting system to engage in unfair behavior.

In fact, until recently in the official discussion area, another forum administrator insisted that all the reports of the reporting system were manually reviewed, which left many player communities in a state of chaos.


So far, Amazon Games has not made a unified statement on the malpractices of collective reporting, and has also allowed overseas players to decide to save themselves, continue to collect relevant evidence, and prepare to fight against reporting abuses.

For “New World”, the control of territory affects many livelihood benefits, and it is also the core design of the game PvP to influence PvE. However, through collective reporting, the opponent’s high-level combatants have been banned in large numbers. This is undoubtedly a new modern Internet player. The trick.

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