New Xiaomi Smart Door Locks Have 3D Face Unlock Support

October 10, 2021

Xiaomi manufactures a wide range of products, although many of them are only sold in their home country of China. One of those products is their smart door locks., and it has a new one that has a feature that is available on most smartphones these days, which is face unlock.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X uses a self-made 3D structured lightweight facial recognition module. The face unlock system includes a spot projector, infrared light, RGB camera, light sensor, proximity sensor and an infrared camera. Xiaomi says that the door will unlock once a recognized face is nearby.

In addition to face unlock, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X also supports seven other unlock methods, including fingerprint, password, and NFC. The door will also lock automatically once you close it and alert you when an unrecognized person is at the door.

These smart door locks pack a massive 6250mAh battery. Although Xiaomi does not say so, it should be rechargeable. We also don’t know how long the battery will last before it needs to be recharged.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X not only works with Xiaomi’s own Mijia app, it is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. The app will not only allow users to set up the smart door lock, but it will also log in to use, so you can check when access was granted and to whom it was granted, as the door lock also takes a photo who used the door.

Xiaomi has yet to reveal the price of the door lock, but has announced that it will be available to pre-order starting Tuesday, October 12.

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