New Year’s bang – Basel fireworks are about to end

Over the past 20 years, over 2.5 million Swiss francs have been spent on New Year’s fireworks. Neither Les Trois Rois, nor private donors Michele Parini or Rudolph Schiesser himself would ever have received a letter of thanks from the city in these years. That is why Schiesser now draws a line and withdraws his donations: “If you bring flowers to your neighbor every day and she never thanks you, then at some point you will no longer bring flowers,” Schiesser told Telebasel.

Rudolph Schiesser has enough: Until further notice, the Hotel Les Trois Rois and the Grand Casino waive donations for the New Year’s fireworks. (Image: Telebasel)

«People often didn’t even know who was behind it»

Schiesser also criticized that many had benefited from the event, but did not want to pay anything. As a private donor, they often went under: “If they had done a survey, most people would never have known that we were doing it.” Often the impression was created that the city was the organizer of the event: “Sometimes that kind of worries you,” says Schiesser.

“Zeitgeist no longer speaks for fireworks”

Because of these circumstances, people have been thinking about stopping the contribution to the Basel New Year’s fireworks for a long time. The fact that it is happening right now is mainly due to the zeitgeist: «The trend is rather away from fireworks. So now is the time to try something new, »says Schiesser. He thinks primarily of laser or drone shows, as other cities would already do. He hopes that the city will not simply look for new sponsors and continue the event in the same way, but will have the courage to break new ground.

Premiere: In the Telebasel Report from April 29, 2020, the first drone Basel staff in history climbs into the night sky. Soon also over the Rhine? (Image: Telebasel)

City initially reserved, then relieved

Sabine Horvath from the Basel location marketing did not want to comment on the allegations at first. You cannot make a statement until you have personally spoken to everyone involved. Horvath did not want to say whether they had even been informed about Schiesser’s withdrawal.

The Telebasel News article from April 29, 2020.

Shortly before the editorial deadline, Horvath spoke up again. Meanwhile, they spoke to Mr. Parini and were relieved that he had in mind to continue the fireworks with new sponsors.

Drone shows as an alternative to fireworks?

It is still unclear whether classic fireworks are still desired in Basel. The fact is that after the GLP, which calls on the government in a suit to look for alternatives, and many private individuals who have spoken out against fireworks with circulars, Ruedi Schiesser is now another prominent person for drone or laser shows as an alternative pronounce. But can such drone shows keep the promises at all? Can you hold water for fireworks?

The Telebasel Report of April 29, 2020 addresses this question. It shows how drone shows are created and to what extent they are suitable as an alternative to fireworks.

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