New Year’s Eve 2021/2021 TVP concert Zakopane who will perform

Next to the festival in Opole, “Sylwester Marzeń” is the most important entertainment event of Polish Television. When in the fall of last year The decision to move the event from Zakopane to Ostróda was announced, president Jacek Kurski mentioned Podhale even when inviting him to a concert in a new place.

– We are sorry that we cannot be in Zakopane again this year. We cordially greet the mayor, we cordially greet the inhabitants of Zakopane, highlanders, Podhaleans and all people who have always come to Zakopane in enormous numbers – he said during the press conference. Later, he repeatedly emphasized that – as soon as it was possible – “Sylwester Marzeń” would return to Podhale.

In an interview with, Kurski assured a year ago that the TVP New Year’s Eve party in 2021 would return to Zakopane. – Of course, if next year there will be no pandemic. This city is in our hearts, presidential carols will be a sweetness, which will be broadcast this year on Christmas Eve from Krzeptówki – he said.

“New Year’s Eve of Dreams” again in Zakopane

According to the TVP advertising office, “once again, on this extraordinary night, we will take viewers and residents of Zakopane on a crazy journey.
by the greatest music hits “.

In an interview with the portal, the head of the department of physical culture and social communication of the Zakopane municipality, Kinga Ripper informs that decisions have not yet been taken. – Agreements with TVP have not been signed. The New Year’s Eve concert is a great promotion for Zakopane, and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn money. We are committed to continuing the project and further successful cooperation with TVP, but the situation is related to the pandemic it does not allow for free planning events with such a wide range.

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– At the beginning of October, the agency responsible for organizing the concert on behalf of the television rented almost all rooms from us for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. They did not hide that they were doing it because their people would work on the TV New Year’s Eve – meanwhile, a receptionist at one of the holiday resorts in Zakopane told the Onet portal.

Zakopane and TVP have been cooperating since 2016.

Last year’s “Sylwester Marzeń” on TVP2 had an average of 5.9 million viewers, according to data from Nielsen Audience Measurement. Jacek Kurski, on the other hand, specified on Twitter that at its peak, 7 minutes after midnight, during Zenek Martyniuk’s song “You cannot kill this love”, “Sylwester Marzeń” was watched by 8.04 million people.

Television cooperates with Zakopane in the organization of grand events ending in 2016. A three-year contract for organizing the event was signed then – it expired in 2019. Polish stars were invited to the New Year’s Eve concerts (on New Year’s Eve, as in TVP’s entertainment programs, there were disco polo performers) and foreign ones. The concerts were heavily promoted by the public broadcaster, their viewership results were boasted, usually much higher than in the case of competing TVN and Polsat events.

In the NIK report published a few days ago, a lot of space was devoted to this cooperation. The auditors found that when organizing “Sylwester Marzeń” 2018/2019, Telewizja Polska “concluded a contract without observing the rules of representation set out in the statute”, because only Jacek Kuski signed it, and not the other two members of the board. A year later, a written contract for the New Year’s Eve concert was concluded 21 days after it. NIK assesses this as an “unreliable action”.

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Accusations about the incomplete representation of people signing the contract for the organization of the New Year’s Eve party in 2018 appeared as early as March 2019, raised by the daily “Rzeczpospolita”. Polish Television responded to this with a short message, emphasizing that the text of “Rzeczpospolita” was misleading. – Please be advised that the contract with the City of Zakopane has been effectively confirmed by the Management Board of TVP SA, which makes it valid from the moment of its conclusion – the company assured.

– The contract with Zakopane is of course important, because it was formally confirmed by the TVP management board, not at night and not in the garbage dump, but at the meeting on December 20, i.e. 11 days before the huge success of # SylwesterMarzenia, which, as you can see, hurts in March – he specified hot in 2019 Jacek Kurski on Twitter.