New York: A lawyer commits suicide to denounce pollution


A famous American lawyer, a staunch gay advocate, set himself on fire in a New York park protesting pollution, according to a farewell letter to the media before his death. According to New York Times , Who quotes the police, David Buckel committed suicide by fire in Brooklyn Prospect Park yesterday morning and was pronounced dead at 6:30 am (10:30 GMT), after sending an email to several US media outlets. “Pollution is ravaging our planet and spreading instability through the air, the soil, the water and the weather,” wrote Buckel in this text published by the New York daily. “Most humans on the planet now breathe unsanitary air with fossil fuels and many, therefore, will die prematurely – my premature death with a fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to us. same, “he denounces. At the forefront of the movement to legalize gay marriage David Buckel, 60, was a famous gay rights champion in the United States, where he was involved in a number of high profile cases of discrimination. In the LGBT community Lambda Legal, he had been at the forefront of the movement to legalize gay marriage, now legally recognized in all states of the country. “The news of David’s death is heartbreaking for us – it’s a terrible loss for the Lambda Legal family, but also for the entire social justice movement,” said a statement from a senior vice president. organization, Camilla Taylor, calling the lawyer a “brilliant legal visionary”. According to Mr. Buckel’s friends quoted by the New York Times, the lawyer had begun to be passionate about environmental protection after leaving Lambda Legal a few years ago. “To have honorable goals in life invites to have honorable goals in death,” Buckel wrote in his farewell letter.


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