New York asks to return to wearing a mask in public

New York authorities on Monday asked the public to wear a mask again in all covered public places. They also announced that they would distribute millions of tests at home to try to contain the rebound of covid-19 cases which is registered in the city.

USA, May 16, 2022.- The recent rise in infections has put the Big Apple on the verge of entering a high level of alert, US media reports.
This month, cases in the city have risen sharply again, reaching just over 300 per 100,000 population in seven days, according to the latest official data, which also shows a sharp rise in hospital admissions, a situation even worse in other areas of New York State.

Photo credit: EFe

In response, local authorities on Monday recommended the use of masks in all indoor public places, including shops, offices, building entrances, elevators and, in general, any other place where space is shared with strangers.

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