New York City enters second phase of deconfinement on June 22

New York City is one of the ten regions that make up New York State and was the last to enter the first phase of deconfinement on June 8. During his daily press conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City presented all the conditions to go to phase 2 of the 4 that the deconfinement process established by the State of New York counts. New York City should therefore enter phase 2 from Monday, June 22. One more step towards economic recovery.

One more step towards recovery

« Businesses in each region will reopen in stages Governor Cuomo had announced. The city’s reopening refers to non-essential businesses and businesses that have been shut down since mid-March. Since June 8, all commercial activities related to construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, retail businesses include all stores as well as florists (for pick-up only ), manufacturing as well as wholesale trade, which set New York back on the road to recovery, allowing 400,000 people to return to work.

As of Monday June 22, offices, real estate activities, car dealerships as well as car rental companies, all activities related to repair and cleaning including laundry activities, companies related to management buildings as well as hairdressing salons that can resume, while respecting the safety instructions dictated by the State of New York. Restaurants will be able to continue with take-away services, while open-air restaurants will be able to offer seats, while respecting social distancing.

New york deconfinement

For his part, Bill de Blasio, the city councilor confirmed this morning at his press conference that kindergartens will reopen on Monday, June 22. They had been closed from the start of confinement, 3 months ago.

New York deconfinement

The number of cases continues to decline

The health situation seems to be worsening in 25 states mainly located in the west and south of the country, when the number of people tested positive is observed, according to figures provided by the benchmark Johns Hopkins University. Conversely, New York State sees the curve flatten every day, a guarantee of the success of the measures put in place very early by Governor Cuomo. Yesterday, the number of patients with Covid and hospitalized was 1.479 against 1.538 the previous day, for the entire state. 17 deaths were deplored for the day of June 16, far from the 800 sadly recorded 9 weeks earlier. Of the nearly 60,000 people tested on June 16, 0.96% were positive. Another record for the state.

According to the deconfinement rules, it is advisable to count 15 days between two phases of deconfinement but it is also necessary to count on the intelligence of each New Yorker in his observation of the rules of social distancing and wearing of masks.

Successful deconfinement is therefore everyone’s business!

New york deconfinement

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