New York City: Whale sighted in the Hudson River

The residents of Riverside Boulevard in New York City, which is located directly on the Hudson River, have seen a special sight in the past few days: a humpback whale stretched its mighty caudal fin up, stuck its head out of the water, blew air through it Blowhole and dived back down into the depths of the river.

It was the second year in a row that she had seen a whale in front of her living room window, a 39-year-old resident told the New York Times. Last year she only thought she had fallen in love. But this year she saw a whale again and is now certain: The whale lives in the Hudson River.

The humpback whale has been jumping around in the river for over a week, reports the newspaper. He was sighted dozens of times, from the Statue of Liberty and from the George Washington Bridge.

The Hudson River rises in the Andirondack Mountains in the US state of New York and flows into the Atlantic. According to the New York Times, whale experts believe that the number of humpback whales in waters around New York has increased. But it is unusual to see a whale in the urban area in the Hudson River.

“When we see animals in our waters here, we often worry that they might be sick or injured because they aren’t actually there,” said Howard Rosenbaum of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Ocean Giants Program. “Judging by the pictures, we have no reason to fear that.”

In another part of the metropolis, a humpback whale met a different fate: The animal got stuck on a sandbank near Moriches Bay south of Long Island and perished.

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