New York is looking for Pied Pipers

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree, urban planning experience and a “generally badass aura” could make up to $170,000 a year as a rat commissioner.

New York (AP) -. The metropolis of New York is looking for a top Pied Piper. “Rats will hate this job offer,” says the advertisement published on the city administration’s website.

We are looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree and several years of professional experience in urban planning, among other things. Mastery of several computer programs and a “generally tough aura” are also required.

Applicants need a “killer instinct to fight the real enemy – the relentless rat population of New York City,” the ad says. The chosen one would then get up to $170,000 a year for his work as the top rat fighter. The many rats, which can transmit diseases, among other things, have long been viewed as a major problem in the metropolis of New York.

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