New York launches offensive to eradicate catalyst thefts

Catalyst theft in the US state of New York has reached alarming levels, prompting the local Department of Motor Vehicles to declare war on the practice. A member of the auto crime division, Detective Maureen Stefanelli said the police department will tackle the trend with a new measure.

From now on, the catalysts will have a well-defined serial number engraved, either by means of an adhesive or by direct physical means. This will allow authorities to identify the vehicle from which the item was stolen.

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The attempt is that this new feature is already implemented for the state vehicle inspection of 2022 and 2023.

“This sticker is made by a third-party company,” Stefanelli said.

“But bringing the show to New York was an idea Detective Thomas Burke and I thought was the best, because we’re trying to find some way to stop this robbery going on. We work with catalytic converter theft almost every day. And during covid, there was a huge increase, and it continues to this day.”

New York City Vehicle Department Commissioner Mark Schroeder explained the reasons for the robberies.

“Just to give you an idea of ​​how expensive these metals are, in December 2020, rhodium was valued at US$14,500 per ounce. Palladium was valued at US$2,336 per ounce. ounce, and platinum was around US$ 1,000 (R$ 5,000) per ounce.”

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