New York State Relaxes Corona Measures – Coronavirus –

The relaxation does not apply to New York City
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In the US state of New York, the strict corona restrictions will be relaxed for the first time this week.

The exception, however, is the metropolis of New York City, which will remain in a state of emergency until at least June, as Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday. The east coast state is the center of the pandemic in the United States. More than 22,000 people have now died there from Covid-19.

“Start a new chapter”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo imposed a strict curfew on March 22nd. Almost all shops had to close, only employees in systemically important professions have since been allowed to go to work. In three regions of the state, the situation has improved so significantly that certain companies are likely to resume operations from Friday, Cuomo said. The criteria for the easing include declining death rates and increased test capacities.

“We’re starting a new chapter today,” said the governor. According to him, the easing applies to the construction and manufacturing industry as well as to street vendors. Certain leisure activities such as tennis or visiting drive-in cinemas are also allowed again from Friday.

Another month of downtime in New York City

Meanwhile, New York Mayor De Blasio emphasized that developments in New York City are “going in the right direction”. However, the death rate and the number of hospital admissions will need to decrease further before employees can go back to work. It must be ensured that the situation has improved sustainably. As things stand, the economic standstill in the metropolis must be maintained until June.

A new investigation by the New York health authorities meanwhile suspects more than 5,000 additional corona deaths in the metropolis. The study published on Monday then suggests a total of around 25,000 fatalities in the city on the US east coast. New York City, with a population of 8.5 million, was by far the hardest hit by the pandemic in North America. A poll by the state indicated that one in five New Yorkers could have been infected with the virus.


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