New York Times Announces New Video Evidence of Russian Slaughter in Russian Bush

New testimony and video footage from the US New York Times (NYT) suggest that Russian soldiers have killed at least eight Ukrainian men in an arbitrary death sentence in the occupied Kiev Oblast, the newspaper said on Thursday.

The first surveillance camera recording, taken on March 4, shows Russian soldiers armed with firearms carrying nine Ukrainian prisoners. Among them is a man in a bright blue jacket. The newspaper statesthat this video is clear evidence that these people were under the protection of Russian soldiers a few minutes before the killing.

The video from the drone, taken the next day on March 5, was the first visual testimony to confirm eyewitness testimony, the newspaper said.

It shows corpses lying on the ground next to an office building at 144 Jablonskas Street, but two Russian soldiers are guarding them. A bright blue jacket is clearly visible in the middle of the corpses.

By May 4, Ukrainian law enforcement officers had found and identified 1,235 bodies in the Kiev region. 282 bodies have not yet been identified. Most people killed with firearms.

The world learned about the massacre of the peaceful people in Bucha on April 2.

Journalists and Ukrainian soldiers then entered a city liberated from the Russian occupiers and saw the city’s streets lined with corpses. Some had their hands tied on their backs, others received a bullet in the back of their neck.

Locals told reporters that Russian soldiers had also shot at passers-by, looted homes, and prevented residents from leaving the city.

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