New York University opens a course on Lana del Rey

  • Titled: ‘Topics in Recorded Music: Lana del Rey,’ the two-credit course will take place from October 20 to December 8 and will be taught by acclaimed journalist Kathy Iandoli.

Lana del Rey’s ingenious musical contribution will be studied at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute next October.

The university is launching a course devoted entirely to studying the iconic singer-songwriter’s connection to social justice movements, including ‘Black Lives Matter, Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’, but will also explore the singer’s relationship with feminism, as well as her musical influences, ‘Variety’ reports.

Under the title: ‘Recorded Music Themes: Lana del Rey’, The two-credit course will take place from October 20 to December 8 and will be taught by acclaimed journalist Kathy Iandoli.

According to the aforementioned portal, the description of the course says: “Over the course of eight critically acclaimed albums, the six-time Grammy-nominated artist has delivered a sad, melancholic, baroque take on dream pop that in turn helped change and reinvent the sound. (and mood) of mainstream music beyond the 2010s”.

“Through its stunning imagery and its thematic attention to mental health and stories of toxic and damaged love, de del Rey provided a new platform for artists of all genres to create works of ‘anti-pop’ substance. that could live in a mainstream once categorized.”

For his part, Iandoli has declared to the media that the singer, who graduated from Fordham University in New York, “He is both a role model and a warning, a complicated pop star who resonates so much with his fans, not because of how it makes them feel about her, but rather how it makes them feel about themselves.”

“She has changed the parameters of baroque pop and now more specifically of ‘sad girl pop’. through his music, expanding on the sometimes controversial and challenging subject matter. There are so many pieces in this mosaic that we now know as Lana del Rey, and this course examines every dimension of it & rdquor ;, he added.

At the beginning of this year, the university’s Clive Davis Institute presented its first course on Taylor Swift, which ran from January 26 to March 9.

The course proved so popular that the University of Texas at Austin followed suit, now offering students a songwriting course focused on the 11-time Grammy winner’s approach to creating lyrics.

Known as ‘Literary Competitions and Contexts: The Taylor Swift Songbook’, English teacher Dr. Elizabeth Scala will teach the new course starting this fall.

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