Home News New York's big Thursday Gubernatorial primary pits Andrew Cuomo vs. Cynthia Nixon

New York's big Thursday Gubernatorial primary pits Andrew Cuomo vs. Cynthia Nixon

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, faces an unexpectedly serious challenge from Cynthia Nixon, an activist and actress who, if elected, will become the first state director to win Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards.

Cuomo, son of the famous former governor of New York and almost presidential candidate Mario Cuomo, is seeking his third term. Nixon has tapped a vein of progressivism that helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win her home against Republican Joe Crowley in June. She also tries to use fatigue with Cuomo's leadership and corruption in Albany, the capital. One of Cuomo's former top advisers was convicted of corruption charges in March, while a number of other former Albany heavyweights were subjected to similar charges.

Yet, it was not immediately clear that Cuomo, who was sitting on a $ 30 million war chest earlier this year, would have a serious primary challenge. Several big democratic names handed over the governor before Nixon entered.

Nixon, a staunch ally of New York mayor Bill de Blasio, a Cuomo rival, launched his campaign in March to repair the dilapidated New York subway system. Since then, she has moved far to the left supporting ideas such as the legalization of recreational marijuana and the abolition of US immigration and customs. If she were elected, Nixon would be the first woman elected Governor of New York, as well as the first LGBT governor of the state.

Despite the excitement for Nixon in some neighborhoods and in the social media, Cuomo has cast significant votes against Nixon in the polls. A survey by Siena College released last week showed Cuomo 41 points ahead of Nixon, 63 percent to 22 percent. A Quinnipiac University poll found Cuomo 36 points ahead. But Nixon has been trying in recent weeks to capitalize on a series of derailments from the Cuomo campaign, such as when the governor said during an August rally, "America was never so great" and then quickly declined.

Infrastructure Issues continue to invite bad press for Cuomo. The long-awaited bridge of Mario M. Cuomo, an important means of transport across the Hudson River, was shut down due to safety concerns after Cuomo had cut the ribbon for it in September. The New York Times then reported that the Cuomo camp offered sweeteners to contractors to open the bridge on time.

Cuomo and the State Democratic Party also got into hot water after the party sent a false mailer pointing out that Nixon was anti-Semitic. Party leader Geoff Berman said the mailer was a "mistake," but he did not say who was responsible for the plane or whether that person was fired. A spokesman for Cuomo declined to say if anyone had unsubscribed the mailer before it was sent.

"That was not a mistake, that's not a typo," Nixon said on Tuesday at "The Brian Teacher Show." "Many people have been involved in designing, executing and approving it, and we need better answers."

The scandal worsened when a Cuomo campaign official emailed a New York Post reporter saying they had evidence that Nixon supported the "boycott, expulsion, sanctions" movement against Israel. "I can get people to beat you as well," the official wrote in the email. The officer sent SMS to the reporter later this week and said, "Hey, I have something for you [N]Ixon … I'll email you. But not from me. "

Cuomo's ticket runs the risk of being thwarted by insurgent candidates. His Vice-Comrade, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul faces a serious primary challenge from progressive New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams. His preferred choice for attorney general, New York lawyer Letitia James, is entangled in a four-way elementary school.

Attorney General Zephyr Teachout, who had submitted an unsuccessful offer to Cuomo in 2014, was supported by Senator Bernie Sanders, who also supported Williams. Teachout is running on a platform against corruption in Albany. The other candidates are MEP Sean Patrick Maloney and former Cuomo officer Leecia Eve.

The name Cuomo is a New York institution. Mario Cuomo served three terms before losing to Republican George Pataki when he sought his fourth place. But Cuomo's name could also be a curse for voters who want to inject new blood into Albany.

None of the Republican candidates for the national office faces primary challenges.

The polls open at 6 pm in New York City and the surrounding counties and open at 12 noon. in 49 imperial counties. Polls close at 9pm

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