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New ZDF “heute” studio disappoints viewers – “Like a picture disorder”

by archyw

ZDF-Nachrichten stayed true to its style for around twelve years, now viewers have to get used to a new sight. The modernization does not go down well with everyone, however.

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Second German Television has given all of its news programs a new look. The beginning with a changed design was the “today” edition on Monday at 7 pm. Barbara Hahlweg welcomed the ZDF viewers from a technically refurbished studio.

A striking detail right from the start: in future, a digital watch will ring in the 7pm broadcast instead of a pointer watch. The new opening credits also show a map of Germany, then a map of Europe and then a map of the world in hatched lines – important ZDF locations and studio cities are marked. The openings are also new, the music has been significantly revised. The basic theme remains, the sound is more distinctive.

The “heute-Journal” will also appear in new splendor at 9:45 pm, with a globe instead of a flat world map in the opening credits. The first new edition will be moderated by Christian Sievers.

“Static and Boring”

Blue as the color of the programs remains decisive – the later the program, the darker the tone. “Concentrate on the essentials” is the motto according to the ZDF designers. However, this does not go down well with all viewers. On Twitter, the reactions are almost entirely negative.

“I expected more,” writes one user. “I’m pretty disappointed with your new studio! It all seems very static and boring,” adds another user. Another criticizes: “The new decoration is horrible. What are these blurry lines as a world map? Looks like a picture disturbance.”

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“Unfortunately, I don’t like the new design at all. It’s a shame!”, “Unfortunately not mine. Still a little bit more optimized” or “Newer is not always better”, are other comments. There are hardly any praising voices.

New design after twelve years

Since July 17, 2009, the ZDF news programs have been broadcast from the virtual news studio in Mainz, which has now been modernized. In the past twelve years, the curved, three-winged table with the tabletops reaching down to the ground has been an eye-catcher. It now disappears in favor of a much smaller L-shaped table. It was built in Saxony, its surface is made of walnut with a plywood look.

The “heute” news has been around since April 1, 1963, when ZDF began broadcasting. The first issue went on air right after the intendant Karl Holzamer’s address at 7:35 p.m. The main edition started at 7:00 p.m. in 1973, the “heute-Journal” since 1978.


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