Newcastle vs Arsenal Preview: The visit must win to stay in Champions League positions

Arsenal must get out of their heads the thrashing they suffered against their biggest pursuer. On the last day of the Premier League It was thrashed by Conte’s Tottenham against Arteta’s Gunners. They had a bad game but they have to get it out of their minds because they continue to depend on themselves.

Newcastle comes from two consecutive defeats but has already saved the category and is very calm in that sense. What remains for him to play is a matter of just having to do it, but he does not lack any objective to fulfill.

Mikel Arteta’s men are currently fourth with 66 points while Antonio Conte’s Spurs are fifth with one less with six left to play. These clash against Burnley who are fighting their way out of relegation with Leeds United, one place remains and it will be decided between one of the two.

For Meridianbet the clear favorite is Arsenal, their victory pays 1.89, the tie 3.68 and the triumph of Newcastle 4.08.

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