Newcomer gets 30,000 in Christmas on the 2nd day of employment

Many companies hold Christmas lottery draws every year, but some netizens posted today that the company held a Christmas party earlier. The ultimate prize was a TV worth 30,000 yuan. A new colleague who had just joined was finally selected. After 3 days, I resigned because of other job opportunities. The superior actually asked my colleagues to return the award, whether it was just deducted from the salary. Related practices have attracted heated discussions among netizens, who believe that the practices are unreasonable.

Some netizens posted a post on the Facebook page “Slavery Office”, saying that their company held a Christmas party last Monday (20th). The ultimate prize was a TV worth 30,000 yuan. Everyone had a share in the lottery. Two colleagues who have been employed for two days were selected. However, the new colleague resigned 3 days later because he had a better job opportunity. After the boss learned of the incident, he asked the personnel department to request the colleague to return the prize, “if it is not, it will be a final payment deduction.”

The post immediately attracted a lively discussion among netizens, saying that since the host’s company had already sent the gift, it was very unreasonable to force colleagues to return it after the fact. Some even pointed out that the boss’s actions would only allow the current colleagues to see how his family was small. You have no problem. If someone is going to leave, you should be a pig first, so you don’t have to make a rule early in the morning? Do you know how to make a noise when the result is not satisfactory?” “See you at the Labour Department after the deduction. There are 30,000 mosquitoes on TV, too much food”, “Return 5 days final payment can be deducted 3 skins, $6,000 daily salary, new offers need to be labored, you are not afraid of it”, “Take a 4-day manual deduction Everyone makes a profit.” However, some netizens said that some companies made it clear that newly recruited colleagues cannot draw a lottery before the probation period.

unsplash diagram

Juicy Ding|The new recruit won 30,000 in Christmas on the 2nd and resigned after 3 days and was asked to return or deduct food

A newly recruited colleague won the Christmas prize, but was asked to return the prize after resigning 3 days later. unsplash diagram



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