Newcomer to the Maxi Class, Kymco KMAX 180 Offers Cheap Prices Only Rp. 20 Million, Honda PCX Auto Panic

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Kymco KMAX 180 is a newcomer maxi that offers a low price, which makes the Honda PCX nervous.

Kymco KMAX 180 comes with a maxi gambot feel but sporty style, where the Honda PCX is powerless when juxtaposed with this motorbike.

In addition, the Kymco KMAX 180 is also equipped with super-sophisticated and modern features, which are claimed to be superior to their rival maxi, the Honda PCX.

This maxi-style motorbike is also equipped with a more powerful 180 cc engine, where the Kymco KMAX 180 is superior in this respect compared to the Honda PCX.

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So what are the advantages of the Kymco KMAX 180, making Honda PCX panic?

Reporting from the Mahendra Bigbike Youtube channel, the Kymco KMAX 180 is equipped with dual LED headlamps in the lighting, as well as an aggressive front fairing design.

Then the instrument section also has a full digital panel with a modern and luxurious design, as well as a naked handlebar model in the style of Honda PCX.

In addition, on the front dashboard there is a storage space for goods on the right, as well as a smart key and USB charging.

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