Newlyweds “Celebrities. Jana and Dāvids, participants of “Bez filter”, cannot agree on the status of their relationship

Since the two young people are planning to start a life together and the difficult process of moving will be ahead, buying a new car is only a logical step. For this purpose, when renting a car, Dāvids prefers a more capacious car in which to fit his belongings for transportation.

Jana is not at peace with this approach and admits that she would prefer something more sporty and elegant. The choice of car also leads to a discussion about their relationship status – are they husband and wife or the new family?

The term “new family” causes a lot of thought between the two, because Jana does not want to start a family with children yet: “Wife and husband sound good, but a new family – not too much!”

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2023-05-25 10:23:00