“Newlyweds killed by a snake”: but in reality the killer was her husband. It was the third time he had tried

The they believe dead after bite of a snake but it really was been her husband. The story comes from the Indian state of Kerala where one 25enne she was found dead in her bed in the spring of last year with blood on her left arm. Initially it was thought of the lethal bite of a snake but then it was discovered that it was her husband who had recently married to poison her.

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The man had studied everything in detail, just so that it looked like an accidental death, but her family did not believe this version of events and insisted that an investigation be made. It was precisely from the investigations that it emerged that the animal’s poison had killed her but that the reptile had been put into bed voluntarily by the husband of the young bride.

It seems that the man had been planning the crime for months and that he had already tried to kill her in the same way a couple of times, but without succeeding. After buying a deadly Russell’s viper, he had left the snake on the stairs of his house asking his wife to fetch the phone on the first floor, the 25-year-old had sounded an alarm and was saved. A second time she noticed the animal while it was sleeping and called the emergency services who took her to the hospital. This time, unfortunately, he did not have the time and opportunity to save himself.

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The woman apparently had learning problems and the man had agreed to marry her in exchange for money. After a few months he started asking for more and more money stating that his wife’s problems were more serious than he thought and it was at that point that he may have started considering the murder.