News 24 | The trial of expatriates who practiced fraud using prohibited devices that were smuggled from a neighboring country

The Public Prosecution charged three expatriates with financial fraud, who practiced fraud by using prohibited devices that were smuggled from a neighboring country.

An official source in the Public Prosecution office stated that the investigation procedures revealed that those involved extracted SIM cards and passed the calls in an irregular manner, using devices that were smuggled into the Kingdom from a neighboring country, and through which they committed several financial fraud crimes.

He added that by searching their homes, 220 SIM cards were found, 170 activated SIM cards, a device used to activate the SIM cards on fake device numbers, three transmission servers to convert international contact numbers into local numbers, a device that distributes communication lines, and a set of papers with dates written in them. Slide activation.

The source confirmed that they were arrested and referred to the competent court to demand the penalties prescribed in the Anti-Financial Fraud and Breach of Trust Law.

And he stressed the prohibition of behaviors that would felony the money of others and steal them through fraud, which is considered to be subject to strict criminal accountability.