News 24 | Things You Can’t Do Through the Taskbar in Windows 11

Although the operating system Windows 11 comes with a new design. But some of the functions that you could do are missing in the new version, the most important of which is the ability to customize the taskbar as it is in the Windows 10 version.

5 things you can’t do in the taskbar in Windows 11

Portability to the sides of the screen

In Windows 10, you can unlock the taskbar and drag it to the left, right, or top of the screen. This is useful for people who prefer to use the taskbar in a different way.

But there is no such capability in the new system, as the taskbar is not moveable to any of the different sides of the screen, and remains fixed in the lower part of the screen.

Easily change the size of icons

In Windows 10, you can enlarge the taskbar, allowing more icons to appear at once by unlocking and dragging it. You can also change the icon size through the customization options in Settings.

Although it is possible to resize the taskbar in the new system while resizing everything else. But you have to accept that much larger text appears while doing this.

Display the clock on multiple screens

In Windows 10, you can see the date and time in the right corner of the taskbar of each screen. This means that you can check the time quickly and easily.

However, the date and time appear in the right corner of the taskbar in Windows 11 only on the main screen.

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Show window labels

Windows 10 always shows text window labels next to application icons in the taskbar. As a result, if you don’t have a lot of windows open, it helps you get to the window you want quickly.

But all your windows in Windows 11 are combined under one icon per app, and there are no text labels to be found.

Drag files to the taskbar in Windows 11

Some apps in Windows 10 allow you to open files by dragging them directly to the app icon in the taskbar.

This automatically shifts the focus to the app and pins the files you use frequently to taskbar app icons by dragging them as well.

But if you try to do any of these functions in Windows 11, you get a message that this function is not working.