The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi warned of the serious consequences of the continued financial deficit facing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and stressed the need for concerted efforts by the international community to meet this deficit to enable the Agency to continue to provide full services to Palestine refugees as mandated by the United Nations. In a telephone conversation with IAEA Commissioner General Pierre Kernebol, Safadi reviewed the challenges facing the Agency and the next steps that the Kingdom and UNRWA will take to provide the necessary support in their joint efforts to ensure the Agency’s ability to provide its educational, health and relief services to the Palestinian refugees in the Agency’s five areas of operation. Al-Safadi stressed that enabling UNRWA to continue to provide its services is an international responsibility to refugees whose issue is one of the most important final status issues that must be resolved on the basis of the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, particularly UN Resolution 194 and the Arab Peace Initiative. The right of refugees to return and compensation. Safadi stressed that strengthening the Agency’s capacity to play its role as a vital necessity for the Palestinian refugees and a political position to uphold their rights stipulated in the resolutions of the United Nations must be confirmed by the international community through practical steps that enable the Agency to fulfill its moral and legal duty towards the refugees. In March, the Kingdom organized an international conference in support of UNRWA in Rome in coordination with Egypt, which was then the head of the Agency’s advisory committee. The conference, which generated over $ 100 million in financial support, was attended by more than 70 countries that confirmed their support for the IAEA and its role. The Kingdom and Sweden also organized a conference to support UNRWA on the sidelines of last year’s UN General Assembly. Cranebol also praised the efforts exerted by the Kingdom to find effective solutions to the Agency’s financial challenges and to ensure the continuation of international support for the Agency as mandated by the United Nations. The Foreign Minister will meet with the Commissioner-General of the Agency in Amman next week to discuss ways to coordinate efforts to mobilize political and financial support for the Agency.

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