News: Benefits of oil option to lighten the skin


News: The benefits of cucumber oil to lighten the skin, we are always keen to visit our distinguished news content to receive your satisfaction through our news site News News website, a news site was established in 2016 to provide a comprehensive news content to introduce you new news on the Arab and international arena of many Reliable news sources, where we strive to follow up everything that is new on the political arena, technical and sports and other areas of interest to our readers to display on the site of news website News, the benefits of oil cucumber to lighten the skin, hoping to get your satisfaction and trust Our dear visitors, the benefits of cucumber oil to lighten the skin. Thursday 14 June 2018 04:09 PM News Cucumber oi oil contains many wonderful natural properties that help to solve the problems of the skin and makes it a safe and quick treatment of these problems, which is one of the natural oils useful and is drawn from the fruit and cucumber cucumber plant A climber is used as one of the main foods of the human being and is used as a key ingredient in the preparation of dishes and salads and it helps to cure health problems. Benefits of cucumber oil for skin: – Helps to protect the skin from sun damage, especially UV rays that cause skin color change and pigmentation and turn it to dark color. – Contains antioxidants that work to unify skin color – fights wrinkles and thin lines in the face, especially in the areas surrounding the eye and nose thanks to the presence of antioxidants. – Delays the appearance of signs of aging and gives the skin a young and youthful appearance – Opens the color of the skin and increases the freshness and shine. – Makes the skin feel as smooth as the skin of children – Removes skin from the effects of dead skin and keeps it clean – Prevents skin dryness and moisturizing because it contains. High rates of water. – Treats the effects of physical stress and helps to hide dark circles around the eye. – Treat acne or any pills that affect the skin and reduce the sensitivity and inflammation that afflicts them. – Removes impurities and dirt from skin. – Reduces extensive pores in the skin and addresses the problems that affect oily skin. – Relieves swelling around the eye. – Treat the effects of scars and blackheads. – Contains both linoleic and oleic acids necessary for healthy skin. How to make cucumber oil – Cut the option in the form of thin circles. – The crust should be kept and not removed. – The cucumber slices are placed in a clean and sterile bottle. – Add two cups of olive oil and close the bottle tightly. – Keep the bottle in a dark place for fifteen days – After a period of time, the bottle is opened and the resulting oil is filtered – Cucumber slices or juice can be used to treat many skin problems. – Mix the cucumber juice with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or aloe vera oil as one of the most effective recipes for the skin. . General Benefits of Option: – Contains antioxidants that work on the free radicals that cause cancer and thus protects the body from cancer – Contains very large proportions of water, which gives the hair softness necessary and strengthens and moisturizes the scalp and treat dryness and treat the crust and the itching associated with it – Works to combat the feeling of fatigue and stress and activates the body – Used in diets that help to lose weight as it helps to increase the sense of satiety and fights constipation and regulates digestion of food. – Addressing colon problems and multiple digestive problems. – Fighting headaches. – Treat estrogen disorders in women – Help regulate blood circulation and menopause The benefits of cucumber oil to lighten the skin, we inform you of our dear visitors Ali Hassan Follow us, hoping to be informed of the news with all transparency and credibility, the benefits of oil cucumber to lighten the skin, do not forget to follow us on the social networking pages of our site to bring you all new political, economic and technical news The benefits of cucumber oil to lighten the skin.


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