News blog Saxony-Anhalt: Halle tests all nursing home employees on Corona

07:15 a.m. | Leopoldina President on the recommendations for action

We will be dealing with the pandemic for months. Actually, it won’t end until we have a vaccine. Our suggestion was where it is particularly important that society continues to start promptly. That does not mean, of course, tomorrow or maybe on Monday directly after the Easter holidays. Everything has to be well prepared. Whenever the distance rules can be observed, with the help of masks and hygiene, it can go on.

06:53 am | Most of the Magdeburg, Halle and Dessauers follow the corona rules

A large proportion of the people in Magdeburg and Halle adhered to the applicable contact and exit restrictions at Easter. This emerges from information from both cities. In Magdeburg, officials of the regulatory office found only individual violations on Easter Sunday, it was said on Easter Monday. The necessary distance or hygiene regulations were not always observed. In addition, several small groups were out and about in the city. You now have to pay a fine. In Dessau-Ro├člau, too, the distance rules were observed almost everywhere, the city said.

In Halle, according to Mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent), the Ordnungsamt found just twelve violations on Easter Sunday with just under 400 checks. Wiegand praised that there were fewer than ever before in the Corona crisis. The extended Easter weekend was quiet overall. The city order service has not found any serious violations of the requirements to avoid contact. With the exception of a few warnings, no real sanctions had to be imposed. In Halle, where there are comparatively many cases with 260 proven coronavirus infections, the catastrophe has meanwhile been lifted.

06:29 am | Light installation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

In Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the holidays were accompanied by wonderful light installations at four locations: at the castle church, the market square, the parade hall and in the Pratau district. The implementation of the “Easter Lights 2020” was preceded by extensive preparation with the responsible authorities, such as the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office, German Air Traffic Control, the Wittenberg district and Lutherstadt Wittenberg. A small replacement for the many unusual events and Easter fires in the country.

06:14 am | Leopoldina makes suggestions for gradual easing

On Easter Monday, the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina presented the first, but very concrete recommendations for action on how Germany could soon return to normality step by step. Under the heading “Overcoming the crisis sustainably”, it is stated, among other things, that the infections must be stabilized at a low level. The known hygiene rules would also have to be observed. A mandatory mask is also an issue. But a return to stronger public life would soon be conceivable, for example gradually in schools and in some economic sectors. The overview.

For example, in the field of education: The Leopoldina recommends slowly returning to school, particularly in the years where central final exams are due, for example at lower secondary level or in the final classes of primary school. Especially in the primary school area, however, “significantly reduced group sizes” should be taken into account. Time-shifted learning in divided smaller groups is also conceivable. The schools in particular were closed due to the high contact density and the associated risk of infection, the statement said.

05:57 am | A quick look at the current infection

The spread of the corona virus is to be slowed down with the existing contact restrictions. A virus infection has so far been detected in 1,210 people in Saxony-Anhalt. Those recovered are included in these figures as well as the deaths that have occurred in connection with Covid-19 so far: According to estimates, 629 people in Saxony-Anhalt are healthy again, 25 people have died. As of Easter Monday, the information comes from the Ministry of Health. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments over the course of Tuesday.

5:30 a.m. | Good Morning!

Welcome to the MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT news blog. The Easter weekend is behind us and Today is Tuesday April 14th, 2020. In our news blog you will get the latest news about the corona virus in Saxony-Anhalt until 7 p.m.

First the overview of the news from the weekend:

You can read about all developments from the weekend in the news blog of the MDR-Aktuell colleagues.



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