News, Bodø Airport | Violent incident at Bodø airport – the police are on the scene

Just after 4.30 pm, the police announced that they were at the scene.

– We have control over those involved. We are conducting further investigations on the spot, the police report.

Avisa Nordland’s reporter reports that two police cars are parked outside the airport.

One of those involved has been taken to the emergency room for a check-up. A case is created.


Thorben Westgård, operations manager for the Nordland police district on the spot, confirms that two men have started fighting at the entrance to Bodø Airport.

– It all seemed like a fight outside the airport, it is quite clear that it was a physical confrontation, says Westgård.

– One man has been sent to the emergency room for a check, but there should be no talk of any serious injuries, he adds.

The confrontation was reported by bus and taxi drivers on the spot.

– The drivers alerted the police, and then intervened to break up the fight. We appreciate the efforts of those involved who calmed down the situation, says Westgård.

Secured evidence

The police patrol on the spot has been in contact with both men, to secure their versions of the case.

– We are talking about two air passengers who were to fly out of Bodø, and they each have their own version of what has happened. Both were graduated by the police after we had talked to them, says Thorben Westgård.

– We have secured video evidence from the scene, and then further investigation will show if any charges are taken for the violent incident, says the task leader.