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News: Burger chain McDonald's is teilvegan

The most important news in the short overview:

  • US Department of Health reports record number of measles cases (8:01 pm)
  • 16 other suspects arrested in Sri Lanka (6:43 pm)
  • Burger chain McDonald's is partially vegan (4.05 clock)
  • Hollywood star again damaged by Donald Trump (2:17 pm)

The news of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 8:01 am: US Department of Health reports record number of measles cases +++

The US Department of Health CDC records a record number of measles cases. The number of reported cases from 22 states rose to 695 on Wednesday. "This is the highest number of cases reported since the elimination of measles in that country in 2000 in the United States," the agency said.

The high number is mainly due to major outbreaks in the US state of Washington and in the city and in the same state of New York since the end of 2018. The longer the outbreaks lasted, the greater the likelihood that the disease could regain its footing in the US, it said.

The United States declared itself measles-free in 2000. Recent outbreaks are the result of unvaccinated travelers who imported the disease to the US, the CDC said.

+++ 07.57 clock: number of glyphosate lawsuits against Bayer continues +++

The number of lawsuits against the agricultural chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer for alleged cancer risks of glyphosate-containing weed killers has continued to rise. By April 11, claims were served by some 13 400 plaintiffs, said Bayer on Thursday in Leverkusen. That's about 2200 more than at the end of January.

The number of lawsuits has risen steadily, especially since August, after a jury trial awarded a cancer patient a large sum of damages. In March, Bayer suffered the next defeat in a jury trial. The judgments – and probably the standing in each case sums of around 80 million US dollars – caused a lot of attention and are likely to have attracted more plaintiffs.

+++ 7:22: Elevator on construction site in China crashes – Eleven workers dead +++

In Northeast China, eleven workers lost their lives in an elevator accident. Two other workers were seriously injured in the disaster, Chinese state media reported. As a result, the elevator was dumped at a construction site in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, due to a technical failure. In China, serious work-related accidents occur time and again because safety regulations are not adhered to. In March, at least 78 people were killed and hundreds were injured in an explosion in an industrial park in the eastern Chinese city of Yancheng.

+++ 07:20: 400 forces fight fire in the Hessian Seulingswald +++

Around 400 task forces fought on Thursday in Hessian Seulingswald (Hersfeld-Rotenburg) against a major fire. According to the police, about seven hectares of the forest area were in flames. After a heavy storm, the fire broke out late Wednesday evening. "We assume that a lightning has hit the forest," said a police spokesman. People are not in danger. Although the fire was under control in the morning, the extinguishing work would continue for several hours.

+++ 07.10 clock: Tesla enters the first quarter more than $ 700 million loss +++

The US electric car maker Tesla has made heavy losses in the first quarter of the year. In the first three months, the loss was $ 702 million (627 million euros), as the company founded by Elon Musk announced.

As justification, the company, which had posted profits in the previous two quarters, led to delays in deliveries of electric cars, especially in Europe and China. Tesla also made a cut in a tax benefit for electric vehicles in the US from $ 7,500 to $ 3,500.

+++ 06.43 clock: 16 more suspects arrested in Sri Lanka +++

After the devastating terrorist attacks with hundreds of dead in Sri Lanka, the investigators have arrested 16 other suspects. In total, there are now 76 suspects in custody, according to authorities. In addition, several vehicles were confiscated and new safety precautions were issued, including a ban on drones. The local investigators are supported by specially arrived teams of the US Federal Police FBI and Interpol.

Seven Sri Lankan suicide bombers blew themselves up almost simultaneously on Easter Sunday in three Christian churches in several cities and three luxury hotels in the capital, Colombo. Several hours later there were two more explosions in a small hotel and residential area in suburban Colombo. Another attack on a five-star hotel failed. The number of deaths was 359, according to police from Wednesday.

+++ 06:05: Study: Twelve million acres of tropical forest worldwide disappeared +++

According to a study, 12 million hectares of tropical forest have been lost worldwide in the past year. This corresponds to the area of ​​Bavaria and Lower Saxony together. Of particular concern is the loss of the original rainforest in the tropics, according to the Global Forest Watch (GFW.

+++ 05:48 clock: Deutsche Bahn is in the first quarter about 10,000 recruitment commitments +++

Deutsche Bahn has already given 10,000 employment commitments in the first three months of this year. Among them are 870 train drivers, 650 service providers and 1020 maintenance personnel, as staff member Martin Seiler said. "We are working harder than ever to give our customers a better path." Overall, the group plans to hire 22,000 new employees this year.

+++ 04.41 clock: Court: Ghosn comes against million bail on free foot +++

A court in Tokyo has upheld a request for release on bail from detained ex-Nissan leader Carlos Ghosn. The court set the bail at 500 million yen (about four million euros). The prosecution may appeal against this decision.

+++ 04:39: Clear majority for complete government move to Berlin +++

25 years after the decision on the division of the Federal Government between Bonn and Berlin, a clear majority of Germans want a complete move from the Rhine to the Spree. In a survey by the polling institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 55 percent said so and only 27 percent against.

Even in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the former federal capital of Bonn is located, more citizens are in favor of a complete removal than against it: At 47 to 36 percent, however, the result was, as expected, scarcer than in the rest of the republic. Of the Berliners, almost two-thirds (65 percent) want the entire government in their city, only 18 percent would prefer to do without it.

+++ 4:19: issue of the 500-euro note ends on Friday +++

The days of the 500 Euro bill are numbered. Only until this Friday (April 26) are the purple banknotes available at the Bundesbank and the Austrian National Bank. A run on the largest euro note in the last weeks before the expenditure stop the German central bank can not determine. "Exceptional hoarding activities did not exist," said Bundesbank CEO Johannes Beermann. Demand in Germany has been stable since the beginning of the year.

+++ 04:05: Burger chain McDonald's is teilvegan +++

In light of the trend to abandon animal products, McDonald's burger chain is entering the vegan business. The sale of the "Big Vegan" Burgers will begin at the end of this month, with no animal ingredients, the company said. "The trend to meatless is getting bigger," said company spokesman Philipp Wachholz. In Austria and Switzerland the vegan offer will not be on the menu.

+++ 03.24 clock: US border guards on the border with Mexico left alone tri-year +++

US border guards have picked up a left-over three-year-old on the Mexican border. His name and phone number were written on the crying child's shoes, the US Customs and Border Guard said. Thus, a patrol near the Texas town of Brownsville had encountered a group of suspected illegal immigrants. When the officers wanted to arrest the migrants, they fled into a cornfield.

There, the US border guards found the boy, "alone and crying," as the agency said. He was taken to a hospital but was in good health. Attempts to locate his family were initially unsuccessful.

+++ 03:12: US Secretary of State suspects IS behind attacks in Sri Lanka +++

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assumes that the terrorist network Islamic State (IS) has prepared or even carried out the ground for the series of attacks in Sri Lanka. "I would like to say that all indications suggest that this was at least inspired by the IS," said Pompeo in an interview with the broadcaster CBS, which was published in excerpts and is to be broadcast in full length on May 1.

The investigations are not yet completed and he expects that there will be even more information on whether there are real connections to the IS, added Pompeo.

+++ 03:05: US condemn exhibition of Russian passports for Eastern Ukrainians +++

The US government has condemned Russia's decision to provide Russian citizens with easier passes in eastern Ukraine. "With this highly provocative act, Russia is stepping up its assault on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," said a US State Department statement.

The decision of President Vladimir Putin created a serious obstacle to the implementation of the agreements of the Minsk agreement and for the re-integration of the Donbass region.

+++ 3:05: US racist executed after brutal murder of black +++

In the US, a racist sentenced to death for the brutal murder of a black man has been executed. John William King was killed in the prison of Huntsville in the US state of Texas with a lethal injection, the authorities said. In 1998, the 44-year-old, together with two accomplices, tied a black man to a car and dragged him to his death.

The case of 49-year-old James Byrd had severely shaken the US and recalled the lynching at the time of racial segregation. King and two other men had abducted the hitchhiker, beaten up, and finally tied to their pickup. Then they drove around and dragged Byrd behind them.

+++ 02:17: Hollywood star by Donald Trump again damaged +++

Donald Trump's star on Hollywood's famous "Walk of Fame" has been damaged again. This time, a stranger with spray paint got down to business, US media reported. The internet service TMZ.com has posted a video showing someone spraying the badge with black paint and then writing the words "Putin's Bitch" in white.


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