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News by Man Utd: Marcus Rashford-Star sent Solskjaer's tactical plan to Barcelona in the middle of the match

Rashford did not dispose of the grade very well (picture: Gol Television)

The Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford, had suffered an embarrassing misfortune in his defeat by Barcelona on Tuesday when he left the tactics of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the hands of the opposition.

Two days after the Red Devils defeat at Camp Nou 3-0 as they left the Champions League, there are recordings from United's coaching team that give Rashford a second-half rating.

Spanish TV network Gol An unseen moment in which United Bank recorded a modified line-up as they chased the game surprised Paul Pogba on the left wing.

Solskjaer moved Lindelof to the right and Pogba to the left (Image: Gol)

Solskjaer called Rashford to pick up the grade written by coach Kieran McKenna and forward the instructions. The team moved to a 4-4-2 formation with the striker Anthony Martial at the top.

Rashford held onto the note for a few minutes until he was caught in a collision with Gerard Pique on the edge of the Barcelona area and the note fell from his hand.

Goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen sensed an opportunity, picked up the note, released it, and read the order for a few seconds before throwing it away again.

Not long after, Ter Stegen informed his teammates about the tactical change – although United's departure from their original 4-3-1-2 formation had little impact on the game.

In the end, United's tactical change did not stop Barca from making progress. (Photo: Getty)

The crew of Solskjaer threatened in Camp Nou hardly to a comeback. Philippe Coutinho scored an impressive long-range tie after Lionel Messi's four-minute tie in the first half.

Next, Barcelona will face another Premier League opponent in the form of headhouses Liverpool – and Jurgen Klopp will have to warn his players to discreetly eliminate tactical advice if Ter Stegen lurks here!

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