NEWS: Coronavirus: woman lost her two parents and three brothers

El Salvador is a country in which the coronavirus has not hit particularly hard, according to its official figures it registers 14,000 infected. However, there is a woman who has lived through the harshness of the pandemic: in just two months, her family was destroyed.

This is Raquel Barrera, 28, whose story moves social networks. On May 28, the young woman saw the first member of her family die of Coronavirus, her father Felix, 80, died of a sudden death. She was not even hospitalized. A few days later her mother, Lucia, 69, started with symptoms. They called the emergency room, but the ambulance took a day. When attention came, the woman had already passed away.

In two days, Raquel had already lost her mother and father. But the drama did not stop there. In a little while, three of her brothers fell hospitalized with coronavirus and all of them did not manage to overcome the pandemic. First it was Jesus, 52 years old; then Joaquín, 42, and finally Carlos Humberto, 40 years old.

Now Raquel only lives with her five children, who so far have not caught the virus. But the drama of the Barrera family has not only been limited to deaths, because they have also suffered discrimination from neighbors.

Coronavirus: woman lost her two parents and three brothers

The woman also denounced the lack of support from the State, since the health services did not have enough PCR tests for the family and forced them to choose who would and who would not.


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