News from 8 a.m. – SNCF: travelers are seeing an explosion in ticket prices

You have surely noticed that traveling by train has become unaffordable. INSEE asserts that ticket prices have increased by 15% over the last three months while the SNCF disputes and evokes a drop of 7% in one year. Some Internet users have pointed to a one-way ticket between Paris and Nice at 250 euros or a round trip Paris-Nantes at 215 euros.

On the train display board at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, Maria takes a quick look at her connection. She holds three tickets in her hand, one for herself and two for her children. “I make a London-Paris, Paris-Lyon, Lyon-Marseille and Marseille-Saint Raphaël route. It’s 1,200 euros. It’s long and it’s expensive and above all it’s quite complex, it’s not well enough served for the price you pay. maybe the plane would have been more polluting but cheaper“, she laments.

To pay less, some only take low cost trains. A Ouigo is announced in the direction of Lyon, a retiree comes forward. “To go, I paid 27 euros and there are tickets for 150 euros. I find that really inconsistent. In addition, I find that a paid reduction card is not normal so on principle I do not take it”, she says. But for these young students, without a reduction card it would be impossible to take the train. “I arrange to take my trains during the week. It takes a bit of strategy because Friday night or Sunday night can be expensive. It can go up to 120 balls a ticket so if you don’t arrange to buy in advance, it’s very expensive“. That’s why, for short trips, they choose carpooling.

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