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C.Rougerie, S.Ricottier, J-M.Lequertier, J-A.Balcells, H.Horoks, Images ESA/NASA

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A week after his arrival on the International Space Station, astronaut Thomas Pesquet provides an update on the Alpha mission. During a press conference on Friday April 30, he answered questions from journalists from space.

It’s been a week since Thomas Pesquet found his colleagues aboard the International Space Station (ISS), more than 400 kilometers above our heads. There are now 11 on board the module. “We only have six berths for 11 crew members, so that means there are five camping. In fact, the secret is to pay attention to what is important to people. We must give them their space“, explains Thomas Pesquet.

The mission is to last six months, with 232 experiments to be carried out, including the French astronaut’s favorite: “We are going to study human brain stem cells on their behavior on board. We realized that they do not behave in the same way. Scientists are learning a great deal about stem cells, especially the brain, from observing them aboard the space station. Then we send the results to the laboratories“, explains Thomas Pesquet. For his first photo sent from space, Thomas Pesquet chose his native Normandy.