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News: Gunzenhausen – life imprisonment for quadruple murder of women and children

The most important news at a glance:

  • Constitutional Court: NPD election advertising spot must be broadcast (17.47 clock)
  • German tourist drowned in the Dead Sea (17.38 clock)
  • US media: Trump will impose no punitive tariffs on car imports for the time being (4:40 pm)
  • LKA presents situation report on clandestine crime in NRW: 104 criminal clans counted (15:26)
  • Bundeswehr issues training in Iraq (13.04 clock)

The news of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 20:33: White House wants no further Russia interrogations

The administration of US President Donald Trump does not want to work with the House of Representatives on further work on the Russia affair. The request of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler, inter alia, for interrogations of White House staff, you will not comply, said a spokesman in Washington.

+++ 19:29 clock: Investigators start after a fatal shot publicity +++

After the deadly shot at a 44-year-old in Offenbach, the investigators are now looking for a public investigator for the possibly still armed shooter. It was about a nearly two -meter-tall man from the environment of the victim with a sporty-muscular figure, said police and prosecutors. The man had fled after the fact directly to Belgium, where his track has lost. For pertinent hints, a reward of 3000 euros was awarded.

+++ 6.45 pm: Lifelong imprisonment for fourfold murder of Gunzenhausen +++

In the trial for a quadruple murder in Gunzenhausen in Franconia in June last year, the Ansbach district court sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment. In addition, the court recognized in the 31-year-old on Wednesday on the particular severity of the blame, which precludes early release. According to the court, Georg K. killed his wife and three children because the woman separated from him.

+++ 18:25: Czech Minister of Culture resigns after protests +++

Czech Minister of Culture Antonin Stanek resigns at the end of the month. The ministry must come to rest, said its party leader, the Social Democratic Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, with. Stanek had come under massive pressure over controversial personnel decisions. The 53-year-old had surprisingly quit the directors of the National Gallery in Prague, Jiri Fajt, and the Art Museum in Olomouc, Michal Soukup, just before Easter.

+++ 17:55: Union Group leader Brinkhaus defended new minimum apprentice compensation +++

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus has defended the planned minimum remuneration of apprentices against criticism from their own ranks. This was not the "favorite idea" of the Union, but it had managed to make the whole thing "compatible", said Brinkhaus at an event of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Berlin. The CDU politician also said that it was in part "borderline", what will be paid so far.

Trainees will receive at least 515 euros per month from next year. For the first time there would be a statutory lower limit for the remuneration of trainees. This provides for a reform of the Vocational Training Act, which the Federal Cabinet decided. The CDU business wing had criticized the planned minimum trainee remuneration. "I think that does not make sense and purposeful," said the economic policy spokesman for the Union's parliamentary group, Joachim Pfeiffer, the German Press Agency.

+++ 17:47: Constitutional Court: NPD election advertising spot must be broadcast +++

The broadcast Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) must broadcast a campaign spot of the far-right NPD for European elections. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe gave an urgent petition to the NPD. The RBB had previously rejected the broadcast, because the spot contained inciting content.

+++ 17.45 clock: Nahles and Brinkhaus see big coalition well placed +++

The leaders of the coalition factions of the Union and the SPD see the black-red alliance well positioned, despite differences in content, for example, in financial and social policy. Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) said at an event organized by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Berlin that the coalition has the task of keeping the country "running". "We'll get it right." Although you do not always agree, but have brought much on the way, said Brinkhaus.

Also SPD parliamentary group leader Andrea Nahles spoke of a constructive atmosphere in the coalition. At the meeting of the coalition leaders on Tuesday evening, she said it had a good mood prevailed: "It works."

+++ 17:38: German tourist drowned in the Dead Sea +++

A tourist from Germany drowned in the Dead Sea in Israel. The Israeli police said the 77-year-old had lost consciousness and then drowned. Paramedics have determined their death. The incident took place on Neve Midbar beach. There is no suspicion that he could have a criminal background.

The Dead Sea with its extremely high salt content is known worldwide for its healing powers, especially for skin diseases. Because of the strong buoyancy you can not actually sink in the water. Bathing can still be life threatening if too much of the salt water is swallowed. Even small amounts in the lungs can be deadly. Bathing accidents occur again and again.

+++ 17:35: Sea-Watch rescues 65 migrants in the Mediterranean – Salvini warns +++

Despite warnings from the Italian Interior Minister, the German aid organization Sea-Watch has rescued 65 migrants in the Mediterranean from the Libyan coast. The authorities in Malta, Italy, Libya and the Netherlands have been informed, the organization said. The people – including 13 children and adolescents and two babies – had been traveling on a dinghy. Private maritime rescuers intervened 30 nautical miles from the Libyan coast.

At the departure of the ship "Sea-Watch 3" at the weekend in the French Marseille, Italy's right-wing interior minister Matteo Salvini had already threatened the organization with a blockade. On Wednesday, he officially warned the NGO to approach Italian waters and accused them of taking in migrants in Libyan waters. "Our ports are and will remain closed," said Salvini.

+++ 17:09: Austria returns robbery art from World War II to Russia +++

Austria wants to return to Russia several art treasures stolen during the Second World War. These are five grave reliefs and three amphorae from the Krasnodar region in southern Russia, said the Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen at a meeting with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Symbolically, he presented Putin with a document in which the transfer is confirmed. The antique objects should return to Russia in autumn, the Salzburg Museum also said.

The art objects were stolen in 1943 by a National Socialist officer from a museum in the Soviet city of Temryuk. Later they were exhibited in Salzburg. Only last year, the origin of the objects was clearly clarified, it said.

+++ 16:54: Suggestive news: ex-deputy Weiner free again +++

Former US Congressman Anthony Weiner, sentenced to 21 months' imprisonment for informing a minor, has been released. Weiner was released on Tuesday (local time) from a transitional institution in New York, reported the "New York Times" on Wednesday. "I'm glad that this chapter of my life is behind me," said the 54-year-old. "I am glad that I can go back to my family." He wants to live in the future "a life full of integrity and care".

Weiner had caused quite a stir in the past with salacious news. The first scandal ended his career as a member of the House of Representatives, the second his ambitions for the mayor's office in New York. He was convicted in 2017 for sending obscene communications to a 15-year-old at the time. He spent 15 months in a Massachusetts jail and was then transferred to a transitional institution in New York.

+++ 16:40: US media: Trump does not want to impose punitive tariffs on car imports for the time being +++

For the time being, US President Donald Trump does not want to impose any punitive tariffs on car imports, despite a deadline scheduled for next Saturday, according to media reports. Trump wants to wait another six months to make his decision and make it dependent on the course of trade talks with the EU, reported the news agency Bloomberg and the CNBC. The US legislation allows the President to postpone his decision on tariffs in ongoing talks for up to 180 days.

Import duties: stock market prices collapse - but Trump is confident in the tariff dispute

+++ 16:25: Merkel promotes savings banks for banking and capital market union +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called on the German savings banks to support the Banking and Capital Markets Union in Europe. "I would be glad, if you as a representative of the savings banks put in a good word for the Capital Markets Union," Merkel said before the German Savings Banks Day in Hamburg.The banking union is mainly about risk reduction EU, but we made progress.

It was important to find a common solution in Europe. The Federal Government has always tried to enforce the peculiarity of the German banking system. The banking package will contain a definition for small, non-complex institutions with a balance sheet total of up to five billion euros. That was also a protective shield, so as not to have too many small savings banks to merge.

+++ 15:41: Russia also after Pompeo's visit concerned about the situation in Iran +++

Moscow has expressed concern about the conflict over Iran after the first visit to Russia by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. "Unfortunately, the obvious situation tends to escalate further," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov of the Interfax agency. On the one hand, Russia regrets the actions of the Iranian side after the termination of the US nuclear agreement.

On the other hand, it is clear that Tehran "does not voluntarily make the decisions, not proactively but on pressure," said Peskow. He accused the US of provoking Iran. Peskov responded to the question of whether Moscow was satisfied with Pompeo's statements that Washington did not want to go to war with Iran.

+++ 15:26 clock: LKA presents situation image to clann crime in NRW: 104 criminal clans counted +++

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) has created the first situation report on clan crime in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thomas Jungbluth, head of the department "Organized Crime", presented it in the LKA to Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul. More than a third of the more than 14,000 crimes that could be attributed to members of the clan would have been so-called "cruelty offenses", such as threats, coercion, robbery and dangerous assault. "We're not dealing with egg thieves and tobacco smugglers here, clan crime is not petty crime, we talk about serious crimes and even homicides," says Reul.

Altogether, the specialists of the LKA counted 104 clans, whose members in North Rhine-Westphalia in the years 2016 to 2018 have become conspicuous. The situation picture shows 6,449 suspects, who were assigned 14,225 crimes. Also 26 tried and completed killing offenses were able to assign the police to clan members. "For years, the clichés of the citizens, but also from police circles were deliberately ignored to this problem, whether from misunderstood political correctness or because it was believed that can not be, what must not be not the law of the clan, but the law of the state, "says Reul.

In their situation report, the police conclude that clans are active throughout the country, but would be a focus in the cities of the Ruhr area. However, clans were also active in the big cities on the Rhine and were now even in rural areas with crimes on.

+++ 15.04 clock: Samsung announces the first 5G smartphone for June +++

Samsung wants to bring a first smartphone with the support of the fast mobile standard 5G in June in Europe on the market. In Germany, the Galaxy S10 model in the 5G version will initially be available through Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone, the company announced. An exact deadline did not name the company.

So far, there are no commercially available 5G networks in Germany. The auction of the frequencies for the new standard is still ongoing. In addition to the established providers Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica also offers the newcomer 1und1 Drillisch to the frequencies.

+++ 14:48: Seehofer feels uncomfortable at beer tent appearances +++

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) does not like to appear in the beer tent. "There are beer festivals where people just want you to beat others," he told the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". He had shown people on such occasions – "but then I never went home happy," said Seehofer.

After such performances, he thought: "Man, you have one down there now, I hope he understands why." As an example Seehofer called a remark about the then foreign minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP). When Political Ash Wednesday nine years ago, he said: "Do not be afraid, this is not a tsunami, this is just a Westerwelle." He did not feel well with this statement, Seehofer said of the "time". "And when he got seriously ill later, I was especially bothered with me." Westerwelle died in 2016 of leukemia and never learned that Seehofer regretted the saying. "I just did not meet him in time for such a conversation," said the Minister of the Interior.

+++ 14:44: Attack on military patrol in Niger: Numerous soldiers missing +++

After an attack by unknown gunmen on a military patrol in West African Niger, about two dozen soldiers were missing. According to military sources, the attack took place not far from the Malian border in a region that serves as a refuge for Islamist extremists. A representative of the Ministry of Defense spoke of about 20 soldiers whose fate was unknown. Another official named the number of about 30 missing persons. There have been victims on both sides, it said.

Unknown had attacked the patrol therefore on Tuesday in the region Tillabéri near the place Tongo Tongo. There, at the end of 2017, a patrol accompanied by US soldiers had been attacked. It killed four American soldiers. The attack was later claimed by an Islamist terrorist group.

+++ 14:41: Study: For Germans, family and friends home +++

Most Germans feel, according to a study, especially their family and friends as a home. In the so-called legacy study, 89 percent of the respondents state that their home is very important to them, as the weekly newspaper Die Zeit reported in a preliminary notice. Eight out of ten participants named family or life partners, more than two thirds named friends and acquaintances.

Only 59 percent named Germany as home. Nearly half of respondents named a culture that they shared with other people. For about two-thirds Heimat is therefore associated with memories of childhood and youth. Not even one in five respondents stated that religion causes feelings of home.

+++ 14:37: US actor Tim Conway died +++

US actor Tim Conway, who starred in The Terrible Family, is dead. Conway died at the age of 85 in Los Angeles, US media reported with reference to his spokesman. Born in Ohio, Ohio in 1933, Conway had worked as an actor and comedian since the 1950s, was nominated for 13 Emmys and won 6. He starred in the Carol Burnett Show, among others, and was the father-in-law of Al Bundy in the US Sitcom "A terribly nice family".

+++ 14:21: Turkish US Consulate staff remains in custody +++

A Turkish employee of the US Consulate in Istanbul charged with espionage charges remains in custody. This was decided by the competent court in the Turkish metropolis, as the newspaper "Hürriyet" reported. The trial will therefore continue on 28 June.

The Consulate employee was arrested in October 2017 for alleged links with Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen. The Turkish leadership blames Gülen, who lives in the US, for the July 2016 coup attempt. The Gülen movement is considered a terrorist organization in Turkey. The case weighs on the relations between Ankara and Washington, which are already strained because of the dispute over the Russian defense system S-400 anyway.

+++ 14:15: Estonia's government coalition in the criticism – Commitment to the EU +++

Estonia's Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has made a clear commitment to the EU after fierce criticism of his government alliance with right-wing populists. "Estonia is 100% committed to the EU today, and we support the unity of the EU, which is the official position of our government, and that is our daily work," Ratas said in Latvia on his first visit abroad since his re-election.

Ratas stressed that he could not imagine being at the head of an Estonian government that is turning its back on the EU. "I can assure you that Estonia will continue to be an active EU Member State," said Ratas following a meeting with his Latvian counterpart Krisjais Karins in Riga.

+++ 14.14 Clock: At least 17 dead in battles for pastureland in southern Sudan +++

In battles for pastureland in southern Sudan, at least 17 people have been killed, according to authorities. In addition, at least eleven people have been injured during the clashes in the state of Boma in the east of the country, said John Ongee, a local government official. Armed members of a shepherd people attacked members of another ethnic group on Tuesday night, set fire to houses and stolen dozens of cows.

Violent livestock thefts and fights over pastureland – often between members of hostile ethnic groups – are not uncommon in South Sudan. After decades of conflict, shepherds and farmers are often heavily armed in the East African country.

+++ 13:52: Media: French doctor should have poisoned patients +++

In France, the case of an anesthetist who is said to have poisoned several patients is currently causing media attention. The man was in custody in the eastern French city of Besançon, as the television station Franceinfo reported on its website. There are about 50 cases in which the doctor is suspected of not having worked properly, the portal says. Whether it came to death, was initially unknown. The 47-year-old was taken into custody on Monday and has since been interviewed. The city's public prosecutor's office referred to a press conference later this week for more information.

The lawyer of the doctor fought in the local media from the allegations against his client. The anesthesiologist was charged in 2017 for "deliberate poisoning" and then acquitted, Franceinfo reported. He was therefore suspected of having poisoned seven patients in two private clinics in Besançon between 2008 and 2017, where problems with anesthesia occurred during routine procedures. Two of the people died and five were revived, according to the report. The doctor had been acquitted as investigations revealed that the patient had been given an overdose of narcotics and potassium on a voluntary basis.

+++ 13:20: Mild judgment on racist slogans in football international match +++

After racist insults in a football international match of the German national team against Serbia (1: 1) on 20 March in Wolfsburg two of three suspects remained impolite. According to the district court of Brunswick, only a third man has to expect a fine of 2400 euros, because he chanted "Sieg Heil". Before the district court Wolfsburg a penalty order was provided.

The three men had admitted that they had named some players, including Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gundogan, as "Negroes," "Bimbo," or "Turks." But the insults are not sufficient in the view of the prosecutor for a case of incitement.

+++ 13:04: Bundeswehr continues education in Iraq due to tensions +++

The German Federal Armed Forces has suspended training for the armed forces in Iraq because of increasing regional tensions. The step was taken together with the partners of the anti-IS coalition, the German press agency from military circles in Berlin was declared.

+++ 12:45: China blocked Wikipedia in all languages ​​+++

Before the 30th anniversary of the Beijing Tiananmen massacre, Chinese censors completely blocked the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. The website was not available in China. The lock in all languages ​​was already done at the end of April, confirmed Wikipedia according to BBC data. Previously, articles were already blocked in Chinese in China.

The government in Beijing controls the Internet with increasing severity. Locked is about the search engine Google. Also social media like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and Whatsapp are blocked – as well as news sites of the "New York Times", the "Wall Street Journal" and from the point of view of the censors politically sensitive or Chinakritische web pages.

+++ 12:30: Ardern welcomes stricter rules of Facebook as a "first step" +++

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has welcomed the stricter US group Facebook rules for live broadcasts on the Internet. In a statement circulated in Wellington, she spoke of a "good first step" to prevent cases like the terrorist attack on two mosques from repeating itself in Christchurch in mid-March. In the New Zealand city, the offender had transmitted his attack live with a helmet camera on the Internet. He shot a total of 51 people.

Video: Assassin should not get a forum

+++ 11:43: investigations in the crossbow case continue to +++

In the case of the crossbow dead from Passau, the investigation continues in the environment of the two women and the man. In two to three weeks to be expected with a final report, said a spokesman for the local prosecutor. Totally unclear so far is the motive for the event.

+++ 11:28: Nationwide tax raid on the evaluation of the "Panama Papers" +++

Three years after the revelations of the so-called "Panama Papers" investigators are dislocated on suspicion of tax evasion to a national large-scale raid. The authorities searched the homes of eight wealthy individuals, eleven banks and savings banks and the offices of four tax advisers, as the prosecutor Frankfurt announced.

The judiciary and tax authorities have suspected the private individuals have founded letterbox companies and evaded taxes through an earlier company of the Deutsche Bank Group. The events were known about the publication of the "Panama Papers". The investigators did not provide any information about which funds were searched. Affected were the business premises of a total of eleven institutes in Aachen, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Erding, Frankfurt, Cologne and Trier. Residential areas were searched by private individuals in Bad Toelz, Erkrath, Hamburg, Konz, Simmerath and on Sylt. Also involved were officials of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BKA), the State Criminal Police Office Hamburg, the Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt and various tax offices.

+++ 11:06: Federal Cabinet makes way clear for moped license from 15 +++

The Federal Cabinet has cleared the way for the moped driving license from 15 years. For this purpose, the Road Traffic Act is to be amended. This is intended to create the possibility for countries to permanently reduce the minimum age from the current 16 years to 15. In Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia have been running for several years already model experiments. However, the tests are limited to the end of April 2020. After the amendment, the countries can then decide whether to make use of the new rules.

+++ 10:56 am: Polish Ambassador in Tel Aviv attacked +++

The Polish ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski, has been attacked in Tel Aviv. An Israeli police spokesman said a man approached the ambassador when he was sitting in his vehicle and spit at him. The called police arrested the 65-year-old suspect. He was to be brought before the magistrate in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli news site "Ynet" wrote that the man also physically attacked and verbally abused the ambassador. The Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said the incident was being investigated by the police. "The State Department is completely in solidarity with the Ambassador and shaken by the incident."

+++ 10:44 am: US withdraw part of its embassy staff from Iraq +++

The US State Department is withdrawing part of its staff from Iraq. Affected by the US embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Erbil, said the message on their website. The ministry has instructed that not much needed staff of the US government should leave the country. The visa service at both locations is currently suspended, it said.

One reason for the step was not mentioned in the message. In the Iran conflict, the US armed forces had only on Tuesday, their alert level for the stationed in Iraq and Syria troop units of the anti-terrorist operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) increased. Possible threats against US troops in Iraq would be observed, it was said.

Video: EU urges restraint on US Secretary of State over Iran

+++ 10.38 Clock: Police find child corpses after fire in residential building +++

Three days after a fire in a residential building in Saarland, the police found a child's body in the building. It was not yet clear whether it was the four-year-old child of the 33-year-old woman, who had been found dead on Tuesday in the house in Neunkirchen. That said a police spokeswoman. The woman had died after a finding of an autopsy at a smoke poisoning. Her child and her 50-year-old husband are considered missing. The police had assumed after the fire to find them in the destroyed building as well.

+++ 10.34 clock: conflagration in moorland in Lower Saxony brought under control +++

Firefighters have brought under control a larger conflagration in a moorland in Emsland, Lower Saxony. According to police and fire brigade, the flames fanned by refreshing winds had spread to Esterwegen on a federal highway up to an area of ​​20 to 30 hectares. By Tuesday evening, the fire was according to the fire department in Esterwegen under control, on Wednesday morning, therefore, should still be the last deletion. Fire brigades from several places were in action, in addition the technical relief organization. The police temporarily blocked the main road, over which a hose bridge was laid.

+++ 10.23 clock: Seven months after election in Afghanistan: All results are +++

Almost seven months after the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, according to the Independent Electoral Commission, all results are now available. The votes from the province of Kabul were the last to be counted. Accordingly, in the vote last October, 33 people were elected to this region, including nine women. Unlike in many Western countries, the party affiliation of the candidates plays a subordinate role, as they represent their own views in parliament.

+++ 9:55: Nepalese Sherpa sets new Everest record +++

What is for other mountaineers the culmination of their lives is just another working day for the Nepalese Sherpa Kami Rita Sherpa. He reached the summit of Mount Everest for the 23rd time on Wednesday, setting a new record. The 49-year-old reached the Everest summit in the morning, confirmed his expedition company Seven Summits Trek. He broke his own record of the previous year. Kami Rita Sherpa has been working as a mountain guide for more than two decades. In 1994 he climbed for the first time the highest mountain in the world with 8848 meters. "I did not go up to break records, I just worked, I did not even know you could set any records," the Sherpa said last month, before setting out for Everest Base Camp.

Sherpa Kami Rita sets new Everest record

A world record in the job: Nobody climbed Mount Everest more often than Sherpa Kami Rita.

+++ 8:08: German economy in the first quarter by 0.4 percent +++

The German economy returned to growth in the first quarter of 2019. The gross domestic product increased compared to the previous quarter by 0.4 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on the basis of preliminary data on Wednesday in Wiesbaden. In the second half of 2018, economic growth faltered.

+++ 8:00 am: San Francisco bans facial recognition by authorities +++

San Francisco was the first city in the US to ban the use of facial recognition technologies by authorities. The danger that the use of such technologies could violate civil rights far outweighs the alleged benefits, the city council of the Californian metropolis decided. The use of facial recognition threatens to exacerbate racist injustice and "threatens our ability to live free from constant government scrutiny," states the resolution. The city police and other city authorities may not, according to the decision, acquire, possess or use any facial recognition technology. Airports or other facilities operated by the federal authorities are exempt from the ban.

+++ 7.54 clock: Germans call for the first time more mobile than from the fixed network +++

When phoning smartphone and mobile phone run the landline more and more from the rank. According to the Federal Network Agency, in the past year, the German population made mobile calls more than "classic" for the first time. The agency counted around 119 billion outgoing call minutes for mobile communications in 2018. In the fixed network, there were only 107 billion call minutes. By comparison, four years earlier, people in Germany had phoned more than 150 billion minutes of fixed connections. Since the abolition of roaming charges in the EU, holidaymakers are more likely to use their smartphone to call home. The volume of data used with German mobile phone contracts abroad increased in 2018 to around 66.4 million gigabytes, which is almost twice as much as in the previous year.

+++ 6:52 am: Donald Trump Jr. to testify before Intelligence Committee in June +++

In connection with the Russia investigation, the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., is said to testify in mid-June before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. The two sides had agreed, reported several US media on Tuesday (local time), citing informed circles. Accordingly, the survey should be done behind closed doors and not last longer than four hours. The questions are to be limited to a limited number of areas, it said.

+++ 2.49 clock: lawyer demands release of alleged Lying accomplices +++

In the abuse case of Lüdge, the lawyer of a presumed accomplice demands the release of his client from pre-trial detention. Defense lawyer Jann Henrik Popkes told the "Rheinische Post" (Wednesday's edition) that the detention was "no longer appropriate" for 49-year-old Heiko V. A danger of repetition does not exist. At a campsite in the East Westphalian city, there had been a thousand child abuse. Heiko V. is said to have participated in two cases by video chat on the abuse and have ordered this. The district court Detmold had announced on Tuesday that two accused charges have been made. "Remand for my mandate is no longer appropriate," said Popkes the "Rheinische Post". An expert had in Heiko V. "found neither a mental disorder nor a fundamental pedophilia." A possible risk of repetition is no longer a reason for a pre-trial detention.

+++ 2.40 clock: Monet paintings for a record amount of nearly 111 million dollars auctioned +++

A painting by the French impressionist Claude Monet has achieved a record price in the USA. At an auction of the auction house Sotheby's found it for 110.7 million dollars (about 98.5 million euros) a new owner. This is the highest amount ever paid for a work by Monet. The painting "Meules" belongs to a series of 23 pictures in which Monet presented haystacks in constantly changing light. The score is one of the ten highest prices ever achieved in such an auction.

Claude Monet's painting "Meules" for 98.5 million euros at Sotheby's auction

An unknown bidder in the auction house Sotheby's for Claude Monet's painting "Meules" has offered nearly 111 million dollars (about 98.5 million euros). It is a record prize for a work of the French Impressionist.

+++ 1.48 clock: May plans next Brexit vote in early June +++

Prime Minister Theresa May wants to vote again in June in the British House of Commons on a Brexit agreement. This was announced by a government spokesman in London. So far, May has failed three times in Parliament with the agreement negotiated by her. Currently, the Prime Minister is negotiating with Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn over a possible compromise in order to gain a majority for a withdrawal agreement. The head of government had made it clear that she was determined to conclude the talks successfully and to get Britain out of the European Union, the spokesman said. In the week starting from the 3. June the deputies are to be called accordingly again to the vote. For six weeks now, the government and Labor officials have been discussing how to get a majority in the House of Commons for May's Brexit agreements.

Before European elections: Brexit party led by Nigel Farage strongest force in the kingdom

+++ 0.30 am: USA and Russia for formation of a post-war constitution committee in Syria +++

The US claims to have agreed with Russia on a way to push forward the stalled search for a political solution in Syria. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. The focus is obviously on the committee for the development of a post-war constitution. After the meeting, Pompeo talked about a "productive conversation" about "things we can do together" in order to advance the political process in Syria. Both sides therefore support the creation of a committee to submit a draft for a post-war Syrian constitution. There had always been conflicts over the composition of the body. Now, the Foreign Minister said he hopes at least to reach the first step in forming a committee.

+++ 0.04 am: Coalition decides to improve working conditions for parcel couriers +++

The leaders of the Grand Coalition have settled their dispute over the Better Working Conditions Act in the parcel sector. The coalition committee agreed, according to the ruling parties, to launch a law on subcontractor liability – meaning that large delivery companies will have to pay social security contributions if their subcontractors fail to do so. At the same time, the coalition wants to initiate a law to reduce bureaucracy, which is intended to relieve small and medium-sized companies in particular. With this agreement, both the SPD and the Union addressed their core concerns during the four-hour discussions. In particular, the SPD had insisted on subcontractor liability in order to improve working conditions in the parcel sector and to complicate cheats in the payment of social security contributions for workers.


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