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News – Homemade sunscreen: the false idea of ​​summer?

Monday, July 23, 2018 at 8:12 pm –

We are never better served than by ourselves … But in the case of sunscreen, it is better to abstain! See why.

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Whether it is to avoid chemicals, endocrine disruptors, or simply to limit its environmental impact … The idea of ​​making your own sunscreen can pass us by the head. But between the theory and the practice, there is a step not to cross!

In most recipes found on the Internet, we talk about zinc oxide. This chemical compound is found in the form of a white powder, and is part of the "physical screens". It acts as a barrier against UVA and UVB. But to be truly effective, the zinc oxide must be dispersed homogeneously. If this is not the case, some areas of your skin could be protected while others would not. And without the proper equipment, no way to know it … Until we get our sunburn!

UVA and UVB, not the same fight

In addition, it is not known at this time whether homemade creams protect as well as standard creams. And even though they may protect against UVB, the rays responsible for sunburn, it is not certain that the cream you have just made protects UVA. Indeed, the UVA rays are more discreet than the UVB, since they penetrate, without making sunburns, directly the skin. They can cause DNA damage, mutations, and contribute to the development of melanoma (a skin cancer).

Remember that sunscreens are considered drugs in Canada, so they are related to the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act.


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