You are now viewing news – News accidents – Endowments: the public interest presentation topic Friday sermon next In the site – lotus news Date: Saturday, July 14, Lotus News – The Ministry of Awqaf has set the theme of the Friday sermon under the title «Providing the public interest on the private and its impact on the stability of societies and building countries». The Ministry pointed out that this comes within the framework of its plan to renew the religious thought and the dissemination of religious culture, which is solid and not destroyed, take the hands of people to the art of making life, not the industry of death, and altruism not the abundance, and reveal the greatness of the precious essence of our religion.

Thank you for visiting us to view the topic of Incident News – Endowment: Presenting the public interest in the topic of the Friday sermon, and we hope that we have provided the service and would like to make it clear to you that the news of “Accidents – Awqaf: Presenting the public interest topic of the next Friday sermon” You can read the news from its original location Vito Gate And you can follow up the latest news and news through Lotus News always by visiting the link “” or by writing “Lotus News” in Google and will be transferred to our site immediately, God willing.

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