News of art and news artists: Dix poison to the dog killed Al Mutanabbi may shock you!

News of art and news artists: Dix poison to the dog killed
 Al Mutanabbi may shock you!

The poison of a dog killed .. Recipes in Mutanabbi may shock you! News – Art with the details of the news Ds poison to the dog killed .. Attributes in Mutanabbi may shock you! :

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Put poison to the dog killed .. Attributes in Mutanabbi may shock you!

Poetry is not always a picture of a poet’s life, or a copy of his nature and attributes. It is not necessarily that the poet comes with social values, and his autobiography agrees with them. He may be a scholar of the language and of the sea in her sciences, but despite this broad science, he may be a scoundrel who is comparing himself and others, like the father of the black lion, the unjust son of Amr ibn Sufyan, who died in the year 69 AH. “As” the first to develop (knowledge or rules) Arabic. ”

Al-Du’ali, despite his knowledge, was one of the four most famous of the pioneers, along with Hattayah, Hamid Al-Arqat and Khalid Bin Safwan. According to Hamwi in his dictionary. And so does al-Jahz, as he counted it among his own.

The stories of al-Bukhla are many in the ancient Arabic works, but their admiration is related to the poet who was famous for praising the vineyard, which is Abu al-Tayeb al-Mutanabi, who died in 354 AH.

And al-Mutanabbi, who is famous for maximizing himself, in his poetry, and always proud of his fervor, which he expressed in many places of his poetry, it is strange to be cowardly, in fact, and flee and vote for the simplest event gets.

Another novel about his self-insult is that he counts the money and gets distracted by his guests, which made his image vibrate. He was so keen to find a dirham that fell between the folds of a mat. He said to him: “What is enough for you in these bags? ? ”

And when Saif al-Dawah al-Hamdani threw some of his gifts on the boys, without regard to al-Mutanabbi with any of them, the boy was caught with them, and the sword of the state overwhelmed him, and they trampled him and rode him and his turban became in his neck. It was said, then, in front of the sword of the state: “magnify that greatness, and come down to this status, but for his folly ?!”

All of this is one of the worlds that almost do not agree with what al-Mutanabi reported about himself in his poetry. Even if the literary production, necessarily inconsistent, with the personal nature of the poet. This is something that stands out strongly. Al-Mutanabbi was also quoted as saying that he was delusional and manipulated by the public to convince them of his “unusual” abilities, which led one of the literary writers to accuse al-Mutanabbi of killing a poor dog by putting poison in his food Ma, the issue of claiming it for himself!

The turban of al-Mutanabi was suspended by a tree and thought that the Romans had conquered it!

Saif al-Dawah al-Hamdani, Mamdouh al-Mutanabi, was the poet who accompanied him several times in his invasions. However, one of these invasions revealed the fear of al-Mutanabi and his fear, when he was driving his horse, and with the tip of his turban attached to a tree branch in the road. He was very panic, after he thought that the Roman had been caught by him, especially that whenever he was Perse, was turban spread!

Mutnabi shouted: “Safety, O ‘Ajl!” Saif al-Dawla said to him, “This is a tree that has been suspended by your people!” The novel, which appeared in the book “The Morning Supplication of the Mutanabbi” by Yusuf al-Dimashqi al-Bada’i, who died in 1073 AH, says that the sword of the state also commented on the reaction of the frightened Mutanabi after he discovered his order and knew that his fear was due to a tree in which his turban was suspended. .

He hits and does not respond to the blow, but only leaves sorrow and anger

Al-Mutanabi’s panic and panic when the turban was suspended by a tree, he thought that the Roma had been rewarded with him, agreed with the incident in which he was beaten, and did not respond to the strike like. My son, Khalawi, a famous linguist who was also present at the sword of the state, beat al-Mutanabi on the face with a metal key that he carried. He, as Ibn Khalkan died in 681 AH, said in “The Death of the Aynes” He shed blood on his clothes.

All the narratives that dealt with this incident, including the “beginning and end” of the keeper of the historian Ibn Katheer (701-774), did not mention any one of them that al-Mutanabbi has returned the strike like. All accounts agree that he was “angry” only, and then he went to Egypt, in the known incident.

He is proud of kneeling and is not good at using weapons.

The story of the death of al-Mutanabbi, in many Arabic works, is different in certain details. However, the story of his death in “The Book of Literature and the Heart of the Door of the Tongue of the Arabs” by Abdul Qadir ibn Omar al-Baghdadi (1030-1093) reveals part of this incident, concerning the lack of proficiency of al-Mutanabbi using his weapon.

He came in the “treasury” after the news of the death of Mutanabi by Fatk ibn Abi Jahl, and the latter stabbed the poet on the left and then retracted from his horse: “Some of those who saw him said that it was not equestrian, but the sword of the state handed him to the Nakhasin and Rawa, , So he was forced to run. As for the use of weapons, it was not his job. ”

The story of his murder, itself, revealed the sinister aspect of his personality. It was stated in the “morning of the Prophet” that one of the reasons for the death of al-Mutanabbi, in addition to his account of the details and the other known reasons is fixed. As some of the cavalry asked him fifty dirhams to meet with him and protect him, he refused “and prevent the scarcity and grandeur!” So.

Al-Budai’i added that al-Mutanabi was “if he traveled, he would not leave his dirham at home and nothing equal.” Ibn Katheer also mentioned the story of the 50 dirhams that al-Mutanabbi refused to pay for his protection.

He adds, “morning blowing” transport, that al-Mutanabbi “did not have something to denigrate and fall, but his vinegar and his money!”.

It is well known that the animal is ugly, and that you are uglier, because you are dealing with the greatness of the soul, the high spirits and the request of the king, and the foolishness is contrary to all that. “He said.

According to the previous version, al-Mutanabi admitted his lack of self-confidence, citing a reason for this, through an incident that occurred in his youth. Then he tells the incident that forced him, as he said, to love the collection of a hundred thousand dinars, after a conversation with the seller of watermelon. According to al-Budai’i.

He poisoned a dog and killed him to take someone by surprise!

One of the most fascinating stories of Mutanabbi is that he poisoned a dog and killed him, to impress someone who has the advantages of knowledge of the days to come.

According to the novel, Abu al-Tayeb was in Lattakia “or on other coasts” and was accompanied by a man who accompanied him from place to place, and they threw a dog insisted on barking them, and then left. Mutanabi said to the man who was with him: “You will find the dog has died!”.

When the man returns later, he sees the dog dead. Commenting on the incident, he said: “He does not refrain from preparing for him some of the restaurants poisoned and delivered, and he hides what he did!”

There are many stories that are not in line with the image of al-Mutanabi in his poetry. It shows a desire to collect dirhams from the ground, was cut by a sword, following an argument heated. When he was told to leave “one of the servants pick it up and bring it to you,” he says, “but the first need.”

Perhaps one of the paradoxes of this man’s life is that the “darkest” thing in his poetry, “Ohnh” and most of it “thin” was the cause of his death and the death of his son and his children, as stated in the “morning of the Prophet.” Which is the famous poem, which first: “What half of the people Doba, and his mother Tertoba.”

However, in spite of what these personal traits may represent in the poet, some may shock and others may not shock, Mutanabi remains the concern of the people, a poet of the highest class of modern Arab poets.

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