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Heba Allah Hussein
Some people who suffer from obesity or weight gain believe that following some natural alternatives found in foods will lead to good and healthy results in weight loss, and intensify the search for many solutions to this concept Dr Tareq Riza, Professor of Nutrition and Public Health at the National Institute of Nutrition, Was incorrect during his remarks about “Day Seven”.

Dr.. Tariq said that people thought there was one kind of natural diversity of herbs or drugs such as slimming capsules, and that would make him lose weight automatically is someone who needs to

Professor of nutrition and public health in the National Institute of Nutrition, said that mental image must be changed and work on the psychological factor, which will greatly help to pay attention to their physical health and lead to weight loss for their bodies.


1. Change all the wrong habits created by man.

2. Evaluate and adjust physical activity. [Theonlywaytoloseweightistodealwiththemainaxes19659003] Evaluation and modification of the food program

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