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News of the day: Police corruption revealed: Ukrainian activist dies after acid attack

The most important news of the day in a nutshell:

  • Ukrainian activist dies after acid attack (6:56 pm)
  • AfD invites Maaßen to cooperation (16:01)
  • Robert Habeck sees in Maaßens utterances "purest AfD-Sprech" (15.05 clock)
  • Seehofer sends Maaßen into retirement (14.53 clock)
  • USA and South Korea resume joint maneuvers (11.08 am)
  • Newly married couple dies in helicopter crash (6:22 am)

of the day in the ticker:

+++ 6:56 pm: Ukrainian activist dies after acid attack +++

A well-known Ukrainian corruption officer has succumbed to her injuries three months after an acid attack. President Petro Poroshenko confirmed on Sunday evening the death of Yekaterina Gandsyuk in a hospital in Kiev. He called on the police to do everything they could to clear up the case.

The 33-year-old had made public cases of corruption in the police in her hometown Kherson on the Black Sea. In late July, she was attacked with sulfuric acid and suffered life-threatening skin injuries. In Gandsyuk case, the Ukrainian authorities arrested five men. It is unclear whether the attack is cleared up.

Activists from non-governmental organizations in Ukraine have been complaining for a long time that threats and attacks would increase, but the police would not protect them. "Why do we encourage people to be socially engaged if we do not protect them then?" Gandsjuk asked himself in a video message a few weeks before her death.

+++ 18:31 clock: Macron begins World War II memorial journey in Lorraine +++

The French head of state Emmanuel Macron has begun his round trip to landmark locations of the First World War in Lorraine Morhange. There, according to the Élysées palace at the beginning of the war in August 1914, there had been fierce fighting between German and French troops.

Macron plans to travel through eleven départements in the east and north of the country in the coming days, visiting Verdun or Reims. This Friday, the 40-year-old in northern France will remember the Battle of the Somme of 1916 with British Prime Minister Theresa May. On Saturday Macron wants to meet then in Compiègne north of Paris Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to commemorate the ceasefire of 11 November 1918.

+++ 17:44: Hostage in northern Italy – convicted mafioso arises +++

A convicted mafioso has emerged in northern Italy after hours of hostage-taking. The man stormed a post office in the province of Reggio Emilia on Monday morning and took five women hostage. After releasing a woman at noon, he also let the other four go in the late afternoon, as a policeman told TV channel RaiNews24. "In the end he listened to our advice (…) and surrendered." The man was said to have been armed with a knife.

The 55-year-old was sentenced to more than 19 years' imprisonment in the largest mafia trial in northern Italy to escape jail last week. "I am the one who was sentenced to 19 years (…), I kill you all", he is said to have called at the beginning of the hostage-taking, according to the news agency Ansa. The Italian football world champion Vincenzo Iaquinta was also convicted at first instance.

+++ 16:56 clock: Sick pregnant women after removal attempt at the station left +++

After the aborted deportation from a clinic in Mainz, the police left a sick and pregnant woman, according to authorities, alone and in slippers at the station Hannover. The 29-year-old Iranian then followed the requirement to report back to her state residence in Ingelheim (Rhineland-Palatinate) and returned with her one-year-old son on the train, as the district administration announced on Monday in Ingelheim. "You have to talk about this procedure," said Landrat Dorothea Schäfer (CDU).

The young mother had received the intended fine of 100 euros, said the head of the aliens department of the district, Bernd Mißkampf. According to a report of the "Allgemeine Zeitung" a railway employee issued the missing amount of five euros for the ticket and gave her money to buy something to eat.

+++ 16:39: Spice Girls want to go on tour again, but without Victoria +++

The British pop group Spice Girls is going on tour again. That announced four of the former five members on Monday in a video on Twitter. In June 2019 the Spice-Girls will give several concerts in Great Britain. British media had already speculated on the weekend on the upcoming stage comeback.

Mel C (44), Geri Halliwell (46), Emma Bunton (42) and Mel B (43) want to know it again. Not going to be Victoria Beckham (44). The wife of English ex-football player David Beckham (43) is dedicated to their fashion label rather according to media reports. Instead, 29-year-old singer Jess Glynne joins in. However, she was missing in the video showing the Spice Girls on a split screen news-style TV screen. She will act as a special guest.

+++ 16:36: Vice Chancellor Scholz considers Maaßens Rauswurf for "correct and overdue" +++

Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has welcomed the transfer of the former Conservation Chiefs of Defense Hans-Georg Maassen to the temporary retirement. "It is good that Mr Maassen has now to give up his office and the Home Secretary has recalled him," said Finance Minister Scholz on the sidelines of a meeting of euro finance ministers in Brussels. The decision was "in view of the renewed, incomprehensible remarks" Maaßens "right and overdue."

Hans-Georg Maassen

+++ 16:26: Wrongfully detained Syrians should have put fire according to the report itself +++

The arrested for a confusion and died after a cell fire in Cleves Syrians has the fire according to an external expert opinion itself. This emerges from a report of the Dusseldorf Ministry of Justice. According to the investigators of an intentional arson, "probably with suicidal intent" from. The motif remains puzzling, said Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU). The over 60-page report will be discussed on Wednesday in the legislative committee of the state parliament.

It is unclear whether earlier assistance in the correctional Kleve would have been possible. According to the report, the Syrian had spent at least 15 minutes in the fire before trying to attract attention through an intercom. The servant at the other end of the line had told him "that he still had to make a phone call and would later contact us". After that, the prisoner "did not notice". Further interrogations should show whether the man was even heard or "pushed away".

+++ 16:01: AfD invites Maassen to participate +++

The AfD immediately offered Maassen to get involved in the party. "He would fit well into a democratic constitutional party like the AfD," said the chairman Jörg Meuthen the newspapers of the editorial network Germany. "Mr. Maassen is a dutiful, excellent and careful official," added Meuthen. AfD party and faction leader Alexander Gauland says he has not yet thought about the future of Maassen, "but I believe that Mr Maassen has expertise that we can use well."

+++ 15:41 clock: 13 million people in Congo have not enough food +++

The number of starving people in the Congo has soared in the face of ongoing conflicts in the east and in the center of the country. Around 13.1 million people no longer have enough to eat; the estimate in the previous year had been 7.7 million people. This emerged from a report from the IPC Institute that produces food security reports for UN agencies and other aid workers worldwide. According to this, some six million children in the Congo are malnourished.

+++ 15:27: More than 300 flight cancellations at Ryanair in October in Europe +++

Ireland's budget airline Ryanair lost more than 300 flights in Europe in October. The reason was a five-day strike at Brussels Airport, a few storms and the "persistent shortage of staff" at air traffic control in Britain, Germany and France, Ryanair said. According to it, 13.1 million people flew in October with Ryanair and with Lauda, ​​an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year.

+++ 15:05: For Robert Habeck Maaßens statements are "purest AfD-Sprech" +++

Greens leader Robert Habeck has sharply condemned allegations of the President of the Constitution Protection Hans-Georg Maassen against the SPD and the media and demanded his immediate dismissal. "This is pure AfD speech," said Habeck looking at a speech manuscript, the dpa and other media was present. Maaßens argument that the media are controlled, one knows of right-wing populists. "So we've had an intelligence chief in Germany for years, who obviously pursued conspiracy theories."

+++ 14.53 clock: Seehofer sends Maaßen in temporary retirement +++

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has appointed the head of the constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, to retire with immediate effect. Maassens former deputy Thomas Haldenwang should provisionally take over the duties of the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, until a timely decision on succession will be made, it said. Seehofer justified the suspension with "unacceptable statements" by the protection of the constitutional protection.

Background is a speech Maaßens before European intelligence chiefs on 18 October in Warsaw, in which he had spoken of left-wing forces in the SPD. His remarks on the events in Chemnitz in August were a welcome occasion for these forces to provoke a break with the grand coalition, he said there.

+++ The speech of Hans-Georg Maaßen in the wording +++

In Chemnitz on August 26, a 35-year-old German was allegedly stabbed by asylum seekers, after which there were protests and right-wing extremist attacks. Maaßen then doubted the authenticity of a video showing an xenophobic attack on migrants.

In the speech manuscript Maaßens, which was the dpa and other media, it states, inter alia, "I have already experienced much German media manipulation and Russian disinformation." But that politicians and media "chase" Hetzjagden "freely invent or at least unchecked spread this misinformation was for me a new quality of false reporting in Germany. " He merely made it clear that, according to findings of the security authorities in Chemnitz, no such right-wing extremist hunts had been committed.

+++ 13:40 clock. Man shows Hitler salute to federal police in Saxony +++

The Federal Police temporarily detained two men who insulted a Syrian family in Dresden. One of the suspects also showed the Hitler salute to the federal police, as the police said.

The 36 and 37-year-old men verbally attacked a Syrian family on Saturday in Dresden's main train station and repeatedly demanded that the woman aggressively remove her headscarf. As federal police stepped in, stretched out one of the two drunken suspects his arm for Hitler salute. The officers initiated investigations into incitement, insult and use of the marks of unconstitutional organizations.

+++ 13:39: Almost 80 students in northwestern Cameroon kidnapped +++

In English-speaking Northwestern Cameroon, 79 students were abducted on Monday according to government figures. In addition to the students were also the director of the Presbyterian Secondary School in the city of Bamenda and another teacher and a driver of gunmen kidnapped, AFP learned from government circles.

+++ 13:13: Belgian ex-King Albert sentenced to paternity test +++

The former Belgian King Albert II is to submit to a judge's claim in the dispute with his possible illegitimate daughter to a paternity test. This was decided by the Brussels Court of Appeals, according to news agency Belga, citing lawyers involved. The judges therefore set a period of three months.

The decision is a stage victory for the artist Delphine Boël, who has been fighting for recognition as a child of the former monarch since 2013. The 50-year-old says her mother, Baroness Sybille de Sélys Longchamps, and Albert II had a long affair decades ago.

The former king (84) denies paternity. He could defend itself after a report of the transmitter RTBF before the highest court of the country against the Gentest.

+++ 12:42: Lawyer by Christin Bibi from Pakistan fled to the Netherlands +++

The lawyer of the acquitted in Pakistan Christin Asia Bibi has fled to the Netherlands, according to an aid organization. After threats, Saif-ul-Malook left Pakistan and was arrested on Saturday by the Dutch Foundation Aid for Persecuted Christians (HVC), she announced on Monday. The Pakistani woman was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy but was acquitted eight years later in Islamabad last week. According to its own statements, the foundation had already been financially supporting the defense of the woman for several years.

+++ 12.38 clock: man should secretly buried mother and have received pension +++

A Russian is said to have hidden the death of his mother for about 17 years before the authorities to collect their pension. The corpse he had brought abroad and secretly buried, the authorities said, according to reports from Russian media on Monday. Information on the country was not made. The police have uncovered the case in cooperation with Interpol. The woman from the Tula region south of Moscow had died in 2001 at the age of 71 years. The cause of death and the background should be clarified. Against the man is being investigated for fraud.

+++ 12:37: Swimmers at the Great Barrier Reef seriously injured by Hai +++

When swimming in the sea, a man off the coast of Australia was attacked by a shark and seriously injured. The 40- to 50-year-old man was hospitalized with bite wounds on his arms and legs, emergency services said. He had gone out in the evening (local time) at Cid Harbor near the Whitsunday Islands from a private boat. There he was surprised by the shark.

The islands are located at the southern end of the world's largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef on Australia's east coast. There, a 12-year-old girl and a 46-year-old woman had already been attacked by sharks in September. Both survived. In October, a fisherman was bitten in the shoulder by a shark nearby. For the health of the now attacked man, the authorities initially made no further information.

+++ 12.35 clock: four injured in an accident with police car in Berlin +++

In a traffic accident involving a police car, four people were injured in Berlin. The police had been in the accident with blue lights and siren, a police spokesman said. ++

The patrol car crashed into a driver's side of a small car at an intersection in Neukölln. The two policemen and the driver of the other car were slightly injured. A pedestrian was also injured by one of the cars or flying parts. Who was responsible for the accident, was initially unclear. Again and again accidents happen when police cars or ambulances with blue lights and sirens also drive at red crossings.

+++ 12.19 clock: Swiss ski racer Barandun died in paraglider crash +++

The Swiss ski racer Gian-Luca Barandun died in a paragliding accident. This was announced by the association Swiss Ski. According to news agency sda, the 24-year-old failed to land in Schluein in the canton of Grisons, whereupon he hit the ground and died at the scene of the accident. The Ski Federation of the Confederates showed in a message "deeply upset and shocked" and said the relatives of the racer his condolences.

Barandun belonged to the Swiss A-squad and was considered one of the hopefuls in the speed disciplines. In the World Cup, he drove six times in the points, including ninth of the combination of Bormio in December 2017 and 15th of the traditional Lauberhorn downhill Wengen in January this year.

+++ 12:03: Decision on Maassen is imminent +++

The decision on the future of constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen could fall this Monday. That said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CDU) will inform about this shortly. "Even today it would still be possible". Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that Chancellor Angela Merkel assumes that Seehofer "makes timely and appropriate decisions".

Background is a farewell speech Maaßens, in which he had spoken of partially left radical forces in the SPD. According to dpa information, Maaßen complained to European colleagues in Warsaw on 18 October that his remarks on the incidents in Chemnitz had been a welcome opportunity for these forces to provoke a break with the grand coalition.

+++ 11.48 clock: crowd in India lynches Tiger with axes +++

In India, another tiger has been killed and blamed for the death of a human being. An angry crowd of about 300 residents of the northern Indian village of Chaltua attacked the animal late in the evening in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with axes, spears and iron bars and finally drove it over with a tractor, as a spokesman told the forestry department on Monday. To kill a tiger is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. The spokesman announced investigations and arrests.

The people beat up therefore also park guards. Previously, the female animal is said to have killed a man from the village that lies in the national park. Only on Friday, a tigress in the west of India had been shot after a large-scale hunt: The "Avni" called animal is said to have killed up to 13 people on the edge of a forest since June 2016.

+++ 11.08 clock: US and South Korea resume suspended joint naval maneuvers +++

The US and South Korea have resumed their suspended joint military maneuvers on a smaller scale. US President Donald Trump, in his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in June, unexpectedly announced that he would "end" the maneuvers that were always sharply criticized by North Korea. For about two weeks now, a naval exercise with about 500 troops is taking place in the southern port city of Pohang, according to the Ministry of Defense in Seoul.

The US has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea. The two countries have been organizing joint military maneuvers for years, calling Pyongyang "provocation" and "preparing for an invasion." The planned December maneuver "Vigilant Ace" Washington had temporarily canceled in October. The reason given was that the ongoing negotiations with North Korea on its nuclear disarmament should be facilitated.

+++ 11.06 clock: Dane should have cheated state treasury to millions – arrest +++

The police in South Africa have arrested a Danish woman who had been wanted internally for weeks. The 64-year-old is suspected of having cheated the Danish treasury by 111 million Danish kroner (almost 15 million euros).

As a senior employee in the social services, she is said to have transferred public funds to their own accounts for years. The money had been earmarked for projects for socially vulnerable citizens, homeless people and drug addicts. The scams in 274 cases came to light during an internal audit in September 2018.

+++ 11:04: Survey: Barack Obama for Germany's biggest role model among men +++

Also, almost two years after the end of his term as US President, Barack Obama remains for the Germans the biggest male role model. More than a fifth of respondents would still recommend Obama as a role model to their own sons today, according to a survey published in Munich on behalf of the magazine "Playboy". Obama's successor in the White House, Donald Trump, makes it to the fourth-last place in the ranking of 36 known men.

According to Obama, Jesus Christ, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, TV presenter Günther Jauch and national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer follow on the list of the biggest role models. The last place goes to rapper Bushido. Also singer Justin Bieber and the former tennis star Boris Becker land in the rear places in role model role

+++ 10:41 clock: Two houses collapsed in the center of Marseille +++

Two multi-storey buildings collapsed in downtown Marseille. "We are looking for possible victims," ​​said firefighters to news channel Franceinfo. According to the AFP news agency at least two people were injured in the accident. On photos and videos only debris was visible.

As Franceinfo reported, citing the mayor of the district concerned, at least one of the two buildings was not inhabited because it was dilapidated. The fire department was called in the morning at 9 clock to the scene of the accident. Also search dogs were in use.

+++ 10.21 clock: CDU Saar nominated Kramp-Karrenbauer as a candidate for CDU party leadership +++

CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is now officially taking part as candidate of the Saarland CDU in the race for the succession of Chancellor Angela Merkel as CDU federal chairman. The National Board nominated them unanimously. Kramp-Karrenbauer was for several years chairman of the Saarland CDU and Prime Minister of the country.

With this decision, the CDU Saar confirms "formally the huge support" that there is for Kramp-Karrenbauer in their national association, said the CDU state chairman and Prime Minister Tobias Hans. She has the necessary experience for the party presidency, but also stands for new ideas. "It can lead and integrate equally," said Hans convinced.

+++ 10.19 Clock: Study: poverty and wealth in Germany solidify +++

Poverty and wealth in Germany have solidified according to a study in recent years. Well, every twentieth person lives permanently, that is, over five years, below the poverty line. That was more than in the 90s or at the beginning of this century, informed the union-friendly Hans Böckler Foundation in Berlin. At the same time, since 2005, the share of permanently rich people has risen again. The proportion of middle-income households has fallen.

The economic and social science institute of the foundation is based on household incomes until 2015. The poverty line is drawn for single persons at 12.192 euros per year – after deduction of taxes and social contributions, but including social transfers such as unemployment benefits. As rich, who in the year over 40,639 euros or more.

+++ 10.11 clock: Pakistani authorities detain hundreds of demonstrators +++

After massive protests by Islamists against the acquittal of a Christian woman in Pakistan, hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested for alleged vandalism. "We arrested people suspected of violating police officers or damaging private and public property," said Basharat Ali, a police spokesman for Punjab province. Radical Islamic groups protested for three days after the Supreme Court acquitted blasphemy-sentenced Christian Asia Bibi on Wednesday after eight years on death row in Islamabad.

+++ 10.07 clock: CDU tip agrees on details of the planned rounds of ideas +++

The CDU leadership has agreed in principle on details of the planned introductory rounds of candidates for the succession of party leader Angela Merkel. According to information of the German press agency from participant circles of the CDU board meeting in Berlin it was said, there would probably be eight regional conferences. In the open for the CDU members events may imagine who is a candidate in the sense of the party statutes – that was proposed by an application-justified structure.

Among other things, the Federal Board of the party and the directors of the district and district associations of the CDU are eligible to apply. In a dpa present decision of the CDU leadership to the regional conferences, it is said that each of them is headed by the CDU regional chairman, in whose national association the meeting takes place. Each candidate receives "equal and appropriate speaking time to introduce themselves". After the presentation of all candidates, the members were given the opportunity to interview the candidates.

+++ 10.04 clock: WWF: German waters are in poor condition +++

The WWF is a bad testimony to the quality of German waters. "The state of German waters is everywhere precarious," said the environmental organization and called for the implementation of EU requirements. For example, one third of the groundwater resources are in "poor chemical status", in particular the pollution with nitrate from agriculture and with mercury is too high. In addition, "practically all rivers" have been developed into waterways, which is why only eight percent of the streams and rivers could be described as "ecologically intact".

According to WWF, there are big differences between the federal states. Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Schleswig-Holstein were the top group, but still "far behind the legal requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive back," it said. According to the study, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony performed particularly poorly. Hamburg and Bremen were not part of the ranking. In Hamburg there are no more natural rivers, Bremen do not report data consistently, said the environmentalists.

+++ 9:20: Coalition in Bavaria signed by CSU and Free Voters +++

Three weeks after the Bavarian state election, CSU and Free Voters have officially sealed their cooperation. After the approval of the respective party committees on Sunday evening, the negotiators signed the new coalition agreement in the morning in Munich – a few hours before the constituent meeting of the new parliament.

For the CSU Prime Minister Markus Söder and faction leader Thomas Kreuzer put their signature under the good 60-page work. For the Free Voters, the incoming Vice-Prime Minister Hubert Aiwanger and the former parliamentary managing director of the fraction, Florian Streibl.

This clears the way for Söder's re-election: On this Tuesday, he is to be elected Prime Minister in the state parliament. In the future, the Free Voters will appoint three Ministers in the ministries of Economics, Environment and Culture. The cabinet will be sworn in next Monday.

+++ 09:08: Survey: Two out of three Germans reject the right of the CDU +++

A clear majority of Germans rejects a shift to the right of the CDU. According to a Forsa survey conducted by RTL and n-tv, 63% of respondents believe it is wrong for the CDU to further emphasize conservative values. Only 29 percent would support this.

Such a return to a conservative "brand core" demand the candidates for the CDU party chairmanship Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn. However, more than 60 percent of the Union's supporters, according to the survey, support a stick to a course of the middle.

+++ 09.00 clock: Ukrainian activist dies after acid attack +++

A well-known Ukrainian corruption officer has succumbed to her injuries three months after an acid attack. President Petro Poroshenko confirmed the death of Yekaterina Gandsyuk in a hospital in Kiev. He called on the police to do everything they could to clear up the case.

The 33-year-old had made public cases of corruption in the police in her hometown Kherson on the Black Sea. In late July, she was attacked with sulfuric acid and suffered life-threatening skin injuries.

+++ 08.42 Clock: Christmas bonus for most employees Tarif +++

Most payers will also receive a so-called Christmas bonus at the end of this year. According to a published survey, the special payments, which benefit from the 87 percent of the collective wage workers, but fall very differently. Only in oil and gas production do the employees receive more than a gross monthly salary. Particularly low payments of less than 20 percent are in temporary work and in security and security services. In the West, the average Christmas bonus is 2595 euros higher than in the East, where on average 2499 euros are paid

+++ 08:04: Biologist discovered in Germany new lichen +++

In the middle of the Hunsrück, a biologist has discovered a previously unknown lichen species. In a beech forest near Börfink (Rhineland-Palatinate), Dorothee Killmann from the University of Koblenz-Landau and her husband Burkhard Leh discovered the new species, which according to their scientific description is now called Verrucaria hunsrueckensis – in German: Hunsrück-Wart lichen.

Killmann discovered the new species during a comprehensive survey of lichen species in three natural forest reserves of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. There she registered together with her husband in the summer of 2015 a total of 90 lichen species. "The most common one can determine relatively easily," said the scientist before a presentation of the new kind in Hilscheid. However, a greenish-brown lichen on the rock Taunus quartzite stubbornly escaped any determination in the laboratory.

+++ 7.24 clock: Cuba's President meets North Korea's rulers +++

Cuba's President Miguel Díaz-Canel met with leader Kim Jong Un during a visit to North Korea. As the state-run North Korean news agency KCNA reported on Monday, they talked about "important international issues of mutual interest." The consultations therefore "reached consensus" on all topics. At a banquet on Sunday evening, Díaz-Canel had announced, according to KCNA, to continue the "friendly and cooperative relations" with North Korea.

Díaz-Canel had taken over the presidency in Cuba from Raúl Castro in April. The US announced new sanctions on the Communist island nation last week, which is one of North Korea's few allies.

+++ 6.27 clock: Indonesia will report on crash in December +++

Their report wants to crash a passenger plane with 189 fatalities
Submit flight supervision in the next month. The head of the competent authority KNKT, Soerjanto Tjahjono, announced this on Monday in Jakarta. According to him, the authorities have now secured flight data records of the Boeing 737 for a total of 69 hours. After the voice recorder, who had recorded the discussions in the cockpit, but still sought.

The machine of the low-cost airline company Lion Air was on Monday of last week shortly after the start in the capital
crashed into the sea. All 181 passengers and eight crew members were killed. It is believed that the accident is due to technical problems.

+++ 6.22 clock: Newly married couple dies in helicopter crash +++

When a Texas helicopter crashed, media reports said a newlywed couple lost their lives. Not even two hours after their "fairytale wedding" both had left the ranch of the family by helicopter and were then fatally injured, the broadcaster Fox News reported, citing relatives and friends. The accident investigation authority NTSB confirmed on Sunday (local time) investigations to a
helicopter crash
in Uvalde, Texas, official information about the victims did not exist at first.

A family friend quoted by US media reported on Facebook that in addition to the newlyweds, the pilot was killed in the accident. Auch eine Studenten-Zeitung trauerte um das Paar, das an der Uni im texanischen Huntsville studiert habe.

+++ 5.07 Uhr: Deutsche kaufen Weihnachtsgeschenke immer öfter im Internet +++

Die Verbraucher in
kaufen laut einer aktuellen Umfrage ihre Weihnachtsgeschenke immer öfter im Internet. Dem stationären Handel drohen deshalb im gerade beginnenden Weihnachtsgeschäft trotz der guten Konsumstimmung Umsatzeinbußen. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt die Unternehmensberatung EY in der Auswertung ihrer am Montag veröffentlichten Befragung "Weinachtgeschenke 2018".

Demnach kauft inzwischen bereits gut jeder fünfte Verbraucher seine Weihnachtsgeschenke lieber online. Zum Vergleich: Vor einem Jahr war der Anteil der E-Commerce-Nutzer hier nur halb so hoch. "Die großen Online-Anbieter bauen ihre Marktmacht kontinuierlich aus und können sich ein immer größeres Stück vom Kuchen sichern – zulasten des stationären Handels, der sich in Summe auf ein leicht rückläufiges Geschäft mit Weihnachtsgeschenken einstellen muss", prognostizierte EY-Handelsexperte Thomas Harms.

+++ 4.19 Uhr: Wissenschaftler: Rechtsruck der CDU würde Stimmen in der Mitte kosten +++

Ein möglicher Rechtsruck der CDU unter neuer Parteiführung birgt aus Sicht des Politologen Stefan Marschall große Risiken. Eine solche Verschiebung biete kurzfristig keine Garantie, Stimmen von der AfD zurückzuerobern, sagte der Düsseldorfer Professor der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Vielmehr bestehe die Gefahr, dass Stammwähler aus der Mitte abwanderten.

"Die AfD ist jetzt in 16 Landtagen und im Bundestag. Sie ist in einer so robusten Situation – einfach 'rüberzurutschen, wird nicht funktionieren", sagte der Wissenschaftler. "Wahlen werden immer noch in der Mitte gewonnen, allerdings ist die Mitte breiter geworden." Auch die Grünen zählten nun dazu. Die klassischen Wählerlager gebe es nicht mehr. "Alles ist beweglicher geworden."

+++ 4.03 Uhr: Chinas Präsident verspricht weitere Marktöffnung +++

Chinas Staats- und Parteichef Xi Jinping hat eine weitere Öffnung des chinesischen Marktes versprochen. Vor dem Hintergrund des Handelskrieges mit den USA wandte sich Xi am Montag in einer Rede zur Eröffnung der ersten internationalen Importmesse (CIIE) in Shanghai gegen Protektionismus und setzte sich für ein freies weltweites Handelssystem ein. "Wirtschaftliche Globalisierung ist ein unumkehrbarer Trend der Geschichte", sagte der Staatsführer.

China wolle seine Einfuhren erhöhen, den heimischen Konsum steigern, Importhürden verringern sowie den Marktzugang und den Schutz der Urheberrechte verbessern, versprach der Präsident vage. Konkrete neue Vorschläge zum Abbau der Handelsspannungen machte er in seiner Rede allerdings nicht. Xi did not speak at all about the trade war and spoke only in general terms against unilateralism, which is aimed at the "America first" policy of US President Donald Trump.

+++ 3.06 Uhr: Umfrage: Europäer sehen Vergangenheit rosiger als Gegenwart +++

Zwei Drittel der Europäer sehen die Vergangenheit einer Umfrage zufolge positiver als die Gegenwart und neigen bei aktuellen Themen wie Einwanderung und EU-Mitgliedschaft eher zur Skepsis. Das ist das Ergebnis einer Befragung von 10 885 EU-Bürgern in Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien, Italien und Polen, die die Bertelsmann Stiftung am Montag in Gütersloh veröffentlichte. Die repräsentative Umfrage stuft 67 Prozent der Europäer demnach als Nostalgiker ein, in Deutschland seien es 61 Prozent.

Rund 78 Prozent der Nostalgiker meinten, dass sich Einwanderer nicht in die Gesellschaft integrieren wollten – bei den europäischen "Nicht-Nostalgikern" sind 63 Prozent dieser Meinung. Nostalgie sei auch ein Hinweis auf große Verunsicherung in der Gesellschaft, sagte Isabell Hoffmann, Mitautorin der Studie.

+++ 2.49 Uhr: Hunderte mittelamerikanische Migranten in Mexiko-Stadt angelangt +++

Rund 1700 mittelamerikanische Migranten sind auf ihrem Weg in Richtung USA in Mexiko-Stadt angelangt. Die Vorhut der sogenannten Migranten-Karawane mit Menschen aus Honduras, Guatemala und El Salvador wurde am Sonntag in einem Stadion der mexikanischen Hauptstadt aufgenommen. Über tausend Migranten versammelten sich unterdessen in Puebla, 125 Kilometer südwestlich von Mexiko-Stadt, um von dort aus gemeinsam in die Hauptstadt zu ziehen.

+++ 1.04 Uhr: Steinmeier und Macron bei Weltkriegs-Gedenken in Straßburg +++

Mit einem Konzert in Straßburg im Beisein von Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier hat der französische Staatschef Emmanuel Macron die Feierlichkeiten zum Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs vor 100 Jahren eingeläutet. Macron and Steinmeier attended the concert in Strasbourg Cathedral on Sunday evening, with which the German-French reconciliation was celebrated. Played were pieces by Debussy and Beethoven.

Macron will visit numerous former battlefields and military cemeteries in the coming days on a journey through France to commemorate the end of the "Grande Guerre" – the "Great War". The culmination of commemoration events at the end of the First World War (1914-1918) will be a grand ceremony on the Parisian triumphal arch next Sunday with dozens of heads of state and government from around the world.

+++ 0.41 Uhr: Über zwei Tonnen Kokain aus Kolumbien beschlagnahmt +++

Sicherheitskräfte in Guatemala und Kolumbien haben am Wochenende bei zwei verschiedenen Einsätzen insgesamt 2,5 Tonnen Kokain beschlagnahmt. Am Flughafen von Bogotá entdeckten Spürhunde am Sonntag eine in Waschmaschinen versteckte Ladung von 500 Kilogramm Kokain, die auf die kolumbianische Insel San Andrés verfrachtet werden sollte. Von dort hätte das Rauschgift nach Polizeiangaben mit Schnellbooten in die USA geschmuggelt werden sollen.

Zwei weitere Tonnen Kokain aus Kolumbien wurden von der guatemaltekischen Marine an Bord eines Tauchboots in der Karibik abgefangen, wie die Zeitung "Prensa Libre" am Sonntag berichtete. Three Colombians were arrested. This drug load should therefore also be marketed in the US. Die Behörden schätzten den Marktwert des im Tauchboot entdeckten Kokains auf umgerechnet 25 Millionen Euro.

+++ 0.12 Uhr: Camila Cabello triumphiert bei MTV Europe Music Awards +++

Die bereits im Vorfeld als Favoritin gehandelte kubanisch-amerikanische Sängerin Camila Cabello hat bei den MTV Europe Music Awards im nordspanischen Bilbao abgeräumt. Die 21-Jährige gewann bei der Mega-Show in der Bizkaia Arena in den wichtigen Kategorien Bester Song (für ihren Chart-Hit "Havana"), Beste Künstlerin sowie Bestes Video. Strahlend nahm Cabello in einer roten Abendrobe die Preise entgegen und richtete dabei einen Gruß an ihre Mitbewerberin und gute Freundin Ariana Grande, die ebenfalls nominiert war – aber leer ausging.

Das junge Publikum in der Arena kreischte oft und laut – speziell bei den Auftritten von Superstar Nicki Minaj, die sich mal im sexy pinken Outfit, mal im silbernen Abendkleid präsentierte und auch in den Kategorien Bester Hip-Hop-Act und Bester Look gewann. The Best Pop Act was awarded to British singer and songwriter Dua Lipa ("New Rules"), and best newcomer is US rapper Cardi B. The Best Live Act trophy was won by Shawn Mendes ("In My Blood") , The 20-year-old Canadian, who had been the big winner of the MTV EMA show last year with four awards, thanked him on a video message.


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