News: OPPO Surprise the Sylvester fans first front camera with 25 megapixels

News: OPPO Surprise the Sylvester fans first front camera with 25 megapixels

Ladies and Gentlemen I have the honor to welcome you to the Economic Website, welcome to our dear visitor on the Arab Economic website, OPPO: Surprise the Silvi fans with the first 25-megapixel front camera, where we strive to be at your good follow-up to our site, OPPO surprise the fans of the first camera 25-megapixel front, dear visitor, The Economical site is a comprehensive news site with the latest developments in the Arab and international arena. News: OPPO Surprises the first 25-megapixel front camera, The fans of Silvie The first 25-megapixel front camera to display on our site, OPPO, surprises the Sylvester with the first 25-megapixel front camera, so you can follow everything new in the news world. Thursday 17 May 2018 01:22 PM The camera is artificial intelligence and equipped with the latest sensors SONY OPPO announced its flagship smartphone and latest additions to the F series, which was commissioned by the Sylvie expert. The F7 was launched in the Egyptian market, which amazed everyone with its powerful capabilities and distinguished from all the previous phones produced by the company or phones of the same series. During the official launch ceremony, OPPO impressed participants with the detailed presentation of the phone and its features, especially the camera and the artificial mind technology used. OPPO enhanced artificial intelligence functions in the phone’s performance and revealed the second generation of A.I Beauty Recognition technology 2.0 on F7. At the camera level, however, the artificial mind has contributed to a major revolution in the world of photography and the front camera. The surprise was the price of the leading 5,990 handset in the Egyptian market, which makes it one of the most important smartphones recently launched and the focus of many Sylvester fans in the Republic The Arabian Egypt. So we have prepared the following list of the most important points in the camera after reviewing the camera front and back: 1. The front phone camera is the first that comes with a precision of 25 megapixels 2. The phone is the first to have a Sony 576 HDR sensor, the first in which Sony cooperates with OPPO to produce it. This sensor adjusts the brightness and clarity of images captured in daylight or shadow, as well as increasing the lens resolution to improve contrast and color in captured silphic images. 3. The second modified generation of the Artificial Mind feature enables the camera to identify more accurately the details of the face and thus make individual cosmetic adjustments to each detail in the face in the image, and enables the camera to differentiate between the male and female face in the images taken in groups (Group Silvi) 4. The camera offers fun features for a more distinctive imaging experience. Now you will not need SnapShot to add effects to your photos and share them on social media sites, as the phone is enhanced with AR Stickers or enhanced reality effects stickers / Endless effects that can be added to images. 5. Face recognition is used using AI.I. Recognition for grouping images and grouping them into groups by content, people, and places, such as: Group titles help you access important photos more easily, and new Moments that help you recall your own memories. 6. The artificial intelligence feature in the camera scans more than 296 points not only on the face but neck and arms to add more complete adjustments to the people who are taken in the image, so the camera delivers a more accurate performance than the previous 20%. 7. The rear camera of the phone comes with 1.8 lens slot and 16 megapixels accuracy. It also comes with an artificial intelligence feature, which is used to identify the outside of the picture that the phone captures and thus adjust brightness, contrast and color. The rear camera can now recognize 16 scenes in the image content including food. The F7 is available in three colors: Red Sunrise, Black Diamond and Silver Moonlight Silver, supporting 4GB and 64GB memory. The 128GB, which comes at 7,690, will be available in black and red. The F7 also has a battery 3400 mAh enables users to play music non-stop for more than 33 hours continuously, or watch videos for more than 13 hours. // You might also like … loading … Thanks to Ali Hassan for following us, News: OPPO Surprises the first 25-megapixel camera front camera with a 25-megapixel front camera, do not forget the most interesting pages of the social networking sites of the site, to receive the latest news from the political, Megapixel. Source : Arab net

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